2017 total is just starting

Program and Schedule Information

The public is welcome to the monthly meeting of the Tillicum Foundation Board of Directors, held on Wednesday, February 22nd at McMenamins Gearheart Hotel, 1157 N Marion Ave, Gearhart, OR 97138 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.

Together we made 2016 a great year for Coast Community Radio. Toast to the new year being even better!

Program Highlights

On Alternative Radio- Thursday at 3 PM- '' White Privilege" with Micha...MORE >>

 Sunday, Feb. 26th, from 8-9 PM on KCPB,  LATW presents 'The Doctor'...MORE >>

Tuesday 9:30 am Host: Teresa Reztlaff Teresa talks with beekeeper Th...MORE >>

Thursday 9:30 am Host: Michael McCusker "The America We Lost"MORE >>

Tuesday 9:30 am Host: Aza Cody Oceana: The Amazing Animals That Live...MORE >>

Monday 9:30 am Host: Roger Rocka Guest: Alison Coffinbarger, the Pre...MORE >>

Texts of Resistance-  Sunday at 8:30 PM- Since the late eighteenth ce...MORE >>

Thursday 9:30 am Host: Michael McCusker  Readings and poetry on top...MORE >>

"The Bioneers: Revolution from the Heart of Nature" airs on  Wednesda...MORE >>

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