Business Marketing at

Coast Community Radio

KMUN 91.9*KTCB 89.5*KCPB 90.9

Business Membership – $150 per year

Listed in the Newsletter where we encourage our members and readers to look to your business first.

Listed and linked on the Website with map details of locations.

10% discount on air spots and print advertising.

Top of Mind Advertising

Print Ads – See attached flyer for sizes and prices

Quarterly 28- page newsletter.

Mailed to 900 members

5000 distributed in 5 surrounding counties in libraries, coffee shops, visitor centers and restaurants

Website Streaming spots – $50 per week

Heard each time a listener connects to radio station from

At least 400 listeners a day

1500 unique listeners a week and growing!

Largest demographic is listeners in Portland and Seattle

Air Spots (Underwriting) – $18 to $30 per spot ($78-$130 per month)

Most listened to radio stations in the Columbia Pacific Region

Pick your favorite show or a show with the audience you want!

“Halo effect” your business is thought well of because you support something listeners believe in.

Demographics on listeners indicate that they are highly educated, loyal, active and environmentally conscious.

Great for Events Announcements

Seven Day Special – $150.00 per week

One air spot per day read during our most listened to programs

My Day – $240 per day

Scheduled 8 on-air announcements to be aired on your day

Full studio production of your announcement

On-Air personality of your choice to voice them

Commemorate a Birthday, an Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Valentines!

Businesses: Let listeners know about you by sponsoring the full day!

Contact: Susan Peterson, Development Director – 503.325.0010 –