We did the math.

For Coast Community Radio to become truly local and independent of Congressional budget-cutting and Community Public Broadcast funding, 365 members can sign up at $20/month:  an unprecedented calling for unprecedented times.  We call it “My Day” 

With My Day, we each have an opportunity to choose again what we want of Coast Community Radio: To remain local and independent, providing
  • More news and public affairs
  • More all-embracing music
  • More announcements of events and even lost pets
  • Or less of the services a fully funded station can bring…
  • A voice of/by/and for the people of the northern Oregon and southern Washington coastal region!

Choose YOUR Day

  • Schedule 8 on-air Announcements to be aired on your day
  • Full studio Production of your Announcement
  • On-Air personality of your choice to voice them
  • Commemorate a Birthday, an Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Valentines!
  • Businesses:  Let listeners know about you by sponsoring the full day!

My Day:  to be truly local and independent!

More ways to help: