A Story Told, October 21 2021

On the next Story Told, in observance of Domestic Violence Awareness month, “Women in Crisis,” written by Leeann Jones Kelly in 2005 as a reflection on the Women’s Crisis Centers’ 25ᵗʰ year in operation. Also, “Beating Her Up,” by Michael McCusker. Finally, Karen Mellin reassures that “You Are Not Alone.”    

A Story Told, October 14 2021

On the next Story Told, as Columbus Day now gets eclipsed by Indigenous People’s Day, Michael McCusker reads an original screed, “Hello Columbus,” and to elucidate the continual oppression of Native Americans, from John Mohawk, “Native Americans and the Right to Survive.”    

A Story Told, October 07 2021

On the next Story Told, a biased and skewed chronicle of human devolution by Michael McCusker titled “Homo Evolvianus.” Also, from David Horrowitz, “History and Critical Theory.” And to end the program, from the late poet-laureate Howard Nemerov, “Magnitudes.”    

A Story Told, September 30 2021

On the next Story Told, Michael considers whether or not former president Trump is guilty of the high crime of sedition. Additionally, following last program’s mention of Helen Patti Hill, Michael shares something he wrote about her titled “The Right to Know Who You Are,” and also something she wrote herself: “A Treatise on Adoption.”    

A Story Told, September 16 2021

On the next Story Told, Michael McCusker delivers an original rant on the subject of America’s delicate and imperfect constitutional democracy. And from David Horowitz, in self explanatory fashion: “Vietnam Anti-war Protests and the Legacy of Social Movements.”    

A Story Told, September 9 2021

On the next Story Told, an original monologue from Michael McCusker about 9/11, not only referring to the so-called ‘war on terror,’ but also to the rise of Augusto Pinochet. Additionally, “Counter Babble,” by Judith Grifface, and “September 11ᵗʰ,” by Jessie Duncan. Finally, Kathryn Colbert and Julie F. Kay warns that “It’s time to brace ourselves for a world without…

A Story Told, September 02 2021

On the next Story Told, a program of sweat and saltwater to celebrate Astoria’s foremost profession: the fisherman and fisherwoman, featuring “The Price of Fish” by Michael McCusker. Also from Michael, a journal excerpt, “Two Days Aboard the Albacore Trawler ‘Falling Star.’”    

A Story Told, August 26 2021

On the next Story Told, “The Twenty-Sixth of August” will be when this program takes place, and it will also be the title of the first piece on this program, written by Leanora Murray. Additionally, “The Equal Rights Amendment,” from Michael McCusker, and from Tamim Ansary “History shows us that outsiders can never bring peace to Afghanistan.”