A Story Told

A Story Told, January 21 2021

On the next Story Told, lest Trump decides to run at 78 years old for president, four years away, Michael goes on one final Trump rant to commemorate the new and improved 46th president. Additionally, from Robert Reich, “Biden cannot govern from the center – ending Trumpism means radical action,” and, a piece by Dr. Robert Brake…

A Story Told, January 14 2021

On the next Story Told, Michael sends off an ousted president, who in the near future could be the only one in that office to be impeached twice, in a rant titled “The Pervasively, Predatory, Plutocratic President.” Also, Norman Eisen writes: “The Riot Happened Because the Senate Acquitted Trump.”    

A Story Told, January 07 2021

On the next Story Told, Michael chastises the pure white world reign, and elucidates that ethnic cleansing is not a stranger to America. Also “A Short History of the Millennium,” in an appropriately titled piece, followed by Timothy Egan’s “The Next Three Months Are Going to be Pure Hell.” Concluding is Astorian poet Jim Dott with “Birds Into Rain.”  …

A Story Told, December 24 2020

For the sake of festivity, Michael reads a couple seasonal heresies on the next Story Told, one about clinging onto superstition long since outgrown by our species entitled “Come All Ye Faithful,” the other focussing on worker’s rights advocate: Jesus Christ, who was “Born to be a Rebel.” To top it off, some children’s poetry.    

A Story Told, December 17 2020

On the next Story Told, with the anniversary of the first flyers coming December 17th, and the passing of the first sound barrier breaker ten days ago, Michael reads “30sec(s) Over Armageddon.” Additionally, beyond this peach planet covered in human feasters “Stardust.”

A Story Told, December 3 2020

On the next Story Told, Michael acknowledges World AIDS Day amongst what may later be known as World COVID Day in “Petition of Prejudice.” Also, by Dr. Robert Brake “My Not so Fond Farewell of Trump,” and finally a few mourning words about Jim Wilkins and Carlos Anaya.

A Story Told, November 26, 2020

This Thanksgiving, on the next Story Told, a diversion from the traditional pilgrimage celebration, in which America gives thanks that it’s been given back it’s democracy in “Donald Trump is Leaving Behind Blueprints to End Democracy,” by Timothy Egan. Additionally, in memoriam, “Auld Lang Syne” for Mathew Joseph Snyder.  

A Story Told, November 19 2020

On the next Story Told, Greta Thunberg responds to what may be the most important question of this generation and the last – Is there any candidate on the right or left who gets the severity of the climate? Her response: No, in “Beauty and the Beast.” Additionally, a list of “Freedoms According to the Right,” by Charles Hillestad….