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Hi everyone.  My name is Dr. Allie Evans and I practice Dr. Allie HeadshotIntegrative Family Medicine in Astoria. It is my belief that in order to bring our bodies into balance, we must honor all the systems of the body and look at health holistically.  We must dig for the true root of illness and not get distracted by simply treating symptoms.

 It is my intention to present you all with casual yet intelligent conversations about diverse topics that affect our individual health and that of our entire community.  In my show “Light on Health” I will strive to empower you all to take forward steps in your own journey towards health. 

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Join host Dr. Allie Evans as she interviews health coach Jennifer Visser. They're talking about changing our consciousness around food and how to change habits in an empowering way. Just in time for the holidays! listen11/28/2017
Join host Dr. Allie Evans as she chats with Astoria yoga instructor Sally Anderson, of Gypsy Yoga, Their topic: Demystifying yoga. listen10/24/2017
This month on Light on Health, join host Dr. Allie Evans for a talk about Tensegrity medicine. listen09/26/2017
Join Dr. Allie Evans for a discussion about emotions and health. listen08/22/2017
Dr. Allie Evans welcomes acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist Eric Grey, to talk about Chinese healing methods an herbs.  listen07/25/2017
North Coast Swim Team Asst Coach Mike Gwaltney joins Allie to talk about the benefits of swimming. listen06/27/2017
Allie talks with Christopher Peck, Mgr medical imaging Columbia Memorial Hospital listen05/23/2017
Dr Allie Evan and life coach Linda Lawson discuss the concept and practice of energy hygiene. listen04/25/2017
Moira Golub and Meridieth Payton join Dr. Allie Evans to discuss trauma-informed care in mental health. listen03/28/2017
Dr Allie Evans talks with Dr Jennifer Lycette, an oncologist at CMH, discussing modern cancer care and how it has evolved. listen02/28/2017