Pledge Drive September 8th-14th


Pet Spotlight


 Meet lovely BROWNIE.  She is a 6 year old Chihuahua mix. She is inquistive and loves exploring! Brownie was saved from a hoarding situation in California. So she is a little shy. But just needs a little TLC and a safe environment and this girl will flourish. There is no shortage of love and affection coming from this sweet dog. Come meet Brownie! She is at at the South Pacific County Humane Society in Long Beach. We are open Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 4pm and til 6pm on Thursdays. Or see Brownie at www.beachpets.com




Community Events


Wellness Cafe Health Chats

Basic First Aid/CPR/AED

Public Nuisance Fundraiser

Create Forests Talk

The Burning Hell

Earth & Ocean Arts Festival

Global Climate Strike Rally