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Willapa Bay Tile & Design

Since 1978, artist and tile maker Reneé O’Connor has created custom relief tiles, mosaics, and murals for homes, businesses and public spaces.

Reneé draws inspiration for her fish, bird and plant tiles from the lush, natural beauty at her home on Willapa Bay in SW Washington.

Her passion for this place she loves is evident in her original and detailed designs.

Willapa Bay Tile works directly with each client to create tile installations that are unique and personal. Customers can choose from hundreds of designs as well as a wide variety of glaze colors and finishes. Many glazes are suitable for floors and outdoor conditions.

City: Ocean Park

State: WA

Zip: 98640

Phone: 360.665.4763

URL: http://willapabaytile.com


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Basic First Aid/CPR/AED

Public Nuisance Fundraiser

Create Forests Talk

The Burning Hell

Earth & Ocean Arts Festival

Global Climate Strike Rally