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Skysong Music – Kim Angelis

Kim Angelis is an internationally acclaimed award-winning composer and violin virtuoso who has successfully transcended artistic boundaries – the music is built on a solid classical foundation, but the inspiration flows freely from the Romany Diaspora of Eastern Europe, Russia, and Spain.  Angelis’ brilliant compositions showcase the beauty, power, and excitement of her playing. Jean Bartlett, managing editor of Ink Notes, writes, “Angelis… literally sings each string like a gypsy poet. Through breathtaking cadenzas and tender passages … it is her own composed music which constantly brings the audience to their feet because it is of earth and yet not.” 

City: Naselle

State: WA

Zip: 98638

Email: kim@kimangelis.com

Phone: 503-468-8971

URL: http://www.kimangelis.com


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