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Niva Green

New, Inspired, Vintage, Artful

NIVA Green, a modern curiosity shop of interesting and useful things. Find deliciously clever cards, gadgets, decor, and jewelry, running the gamut from practical to humorous for all age groups and at all prices.

Environmentally Conscious

NIVA practices its environmental consciousness by offering a selection of many items with high recycled content, local production … Our working studio in back produces about a quarter of what we sell.

At the Beach

Come see us at our shop just north of the second light on Pacific Avenue in Long Beach, Washington.

Address: 104 Pacific Ave

City: Long Beach

State: WA

Zip: 98631

Email: nivagreen@hotmail.com

Phone: 360.642.2327

URL: http://nivagreen.com


Community Events

Earth & Ocean Arts Festival

Global Climate Strike Rally


Meet Your Councilor, Ward 2

Writing Memoirs

Steinway Piano Concert Series