Katelyn Staeker, LCSW

Katelyn Staecker, LCSW, is a Certified Practioner of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy, and a psychotherapist, teacher, workshop leader and IFS assistant trainer. She has been in private practice on the North Oregon Coast for over 20 years. Katelyn facilitates workshops and retreats on Spirituality, Conscious Eating, Personal Growth and Relationship Skills. She has a special interest in developing communities of all types and teaching the interpersonal skills necessary for sustaining them. She works with a gifted co-therapist, Sophie, who is a Labradoodle and “Oh so cute!”

Address: 4000 Irving Avenue

City: Astoria

State: OR

Zip: 97103

Email: katelyn@pacifier.com

Phone: 503-325-1808

URL: http://https://selfleadership.org/katelyn-staecker-astoria_trainer1125.html