A Luminary is someone who inspires or influences others, also a light-giving body, especially the sun or moon.

A KMUN Luminary is all of the above AND a shining example of reciprocity. Listeners are inspired to call when they know that others have given – KMUN Luminaries will light the way for a blazing KMUN Fall Pledge Drive.

Become a KMUN Luminary by donating before the drive even starts! KMUN Luminaries gave an incredible 25% of the total raised during our Spring 2021 drive. Let’s double that percentage and keep the Fall Pledge Drive short and super sweet. 

The KMUN/KCPB Fall Pledge Drive is coming right up: September 20th through 26th

How wonderful it would be to announce on Day 1 – “Our goal is $50K and our fabulous KMUN Luminaries have already provided $25K. We’re halfway there! Donate now and match their awesome largess.”

Please take this opportunity to be a beacon of munificence – a KMUN Luminary – and launch our Fall Pledge Drive with an inspired and inspiring Big Bang!

If you want your Luminary gift to support specific shows and/or programmers – just enter that information in the Feedback Box! You can also earmark your gift for KCPB.

Thank you for being a KMUN Luminary!KMUN Luminary