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Date(s) - March 25, 2020
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

1010 Duane Street


Event questions: Daryl Welch
Phone 503-307-0834
Email darylwelch@mac.com

Astoria’s Repair Café Event
6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Wednesday March 25, 2020
1010 Duane Street, Astoria Oregon

Every month is different; the evening stretches out before us like a two hour puzzle – an unknowable adventure. We never know who will show up or with what, to be repaired, mended, or perhaps just for some good advice. At last month’s Repair Café event on the fourth Wednesday of the month, in two short hours for example our enthusiastic volunteers repaired a bright purple skinny vacuum cleaner. Cleverly recycled a large and cherished waffle iron- after an embarrassing chorus of ‘we don’t take waffle irons’ (because the success rate is sadly about 5%) instead of a trip to the landfill we suggested that volunteer Rhonda, with a penchant for transforming silver found on old waffle irons and old toasters, use the metal for jewelry or a mask. Customer agreed. Whew. We were very happy one of our seamstresses could mend Charlie’s hat. And so is Charlie – he loves that old black wool hat and he wears it awfully well. Somewhere during the evening three people brought in one well-loved, well-used boom box then hovered over it as the repairs were made successfully. Suddenly one customer bounced back into the room to announce we had to go see the sky. Okay. Two or three at a time customers and volunteers traipsed out onto the sidewalk to view the stunning clear western sky and made appreciative comments as we gazed at a lovely waxing crescent moon with Venus shining brightly above it.
What an evening at Repair Café, never the same, always interesting.
Reminder: We do not work on gas engines. (And apparently not waffle irons.)


A major goal of Repair Café is keeping anything that can possibly be repaired out of the local landfill. Each item is weighed when you arrive and we add them up. Result? With your fabulous help we kept over 1,600 lbs of stuff from being tossed last year.

The next Repair Café event is on the fourth Wednesday of the month: April 22, May 27, and June 24, 2020. We hope to see you with your repairables.

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