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      As conventional (corporate) media has failed much of its duty to inform a democratic
society, public broadcasting, including your Coast Community Radio, has asserted its
power to fill that void.
If the new Congress makes good on its threat, our coverage of their actions will be
Who wins in that scenario will not be those of us who care about a community's access to
more than spin.
Importantly, what Joanne witnessed while attending meetings in Washington, D.C., in
early December is that our representatives do listen to their constituents - we the people.  

Notes for further reference:

1.  Copy paper
2. #10 business envelopes
3.  Postage stamps
4.  Frequent flyer miles to be used for a
trip for Joanne to the NFCB conference.
5.  Small on demand hot water heater
6.  4 drawer letter sized file cabinet (with
locking drawers)

7.  In line water filter
8.  Business window stickers with the new CCR logo for our business supporters
9.  Blank CDs for public affairs programming
10.  AA batteries for field recorders
11.  Coast Community Radio News banner for use while recording candidate forums and news
type events
12.  Luggage type roll carts to transport microphones, mixers, microphone stands and
promotional materials
13.  Larger copy stand in the air room (2 page capacity)
14.  10 new SM7 microphones($400 each) or Electrovoice microphones ($500 each)
15.  Computers–both Win PC and Macs
Win PC should run 7 or 8 and the install disks with processor speed of at least 2GHzand 2GB
Ram memory
Macs that run OSX 10.6 and have an “Intel processor” running at 2GHz and with 2GB Ram
16.  Volunteer to edit and produce the community calender.
17.  BSI Simian software (approx. $450)
18.  Box of headphone adaptors (jacks, mini to phone)
19.  Laser jet printers
20.  Sound boards for Production room 1 and 2. (BIG WISH–$12,000 each)
21.  Funds ($200/yr) for blue ODOT sign directing visitors driving Highway 30 to Tillicum
House/KMUN studios