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Talk of the Nation/Science Friday:
Ideas and opinions on the issues that dominate the news landscape. From politics
and public service to education, religion, music and healthcare, Talk of the Nation
offers call-in listeners the opportunity to join enlightening discussions with
decision-makers, authors, academicians, and artists from around the world.

Science Friday on Talk of the Nation focuses on science topics.

on air: Weekdays from 11:00am-1:00pm, on KCPB 90.9.

listen on demand: from the Talk of the Nation/Science Friday website.

Science Friday website is a rich resource of material related to recent shows.

Hosted by: Neal Conan. Science Friday is hosted by Ira Flatow.
Talk of the Nation host: Neal Conan
A familiar voice on NPR for the past quarter century, Conan has worked as a
reporter based in New York, Washington, and London-he served as NPR's Bureau
Chief in both New York and London-and anchored NPR live coverage of events
including national political conventions, inaugurations, and an impeachment. For
five years, he hosted Weekly Edition: The Best of NPR News. Following the terrorist
attacks on September 11, 2001, Conan played a major role anchoring NPR's
continuous live coverage, a part he reprised during the wars in Afghanistan and
Iraq. In 2004, in Des Moines, Iowa, he hosted the first radio-only presidential
candidates' debate since 1948.
On the other side of the microphone, Conan has also served as editor, producer,
and executive producer of NPR's flagship evening newsmagazine, All Things
Considered and, at various times, acted as NPR's foreign editor, managing editor,
and news director.
During the 2001 baseball season, Conan took a leave of absence from NPR News
to work as the play-by-play announcer for the Aberdeen Arsenal of the
independent Atlantic League. He filed a series of commentaries about life on the
fringe of professional sports for Morning Edition and later wrote a book about his
experiences, Play By Play: Baseball, Radio and Life in the Last Chance League.
Conan was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1949.
                                                                       --from the TOTN website
Science Friday host: Ira Flatow
Flatow's interest in things scientific began in boyhood - he almost burned down his
mother's bathroom trying to recreate a biology class experiment. "I was the
proverbial kid who spent hours in the basement experimenting with electronic
gizmos, and then entering them in high school science fairs," Flatow says.
Mixing his passion for science with a tendency toward being "a bit of a ham," Flatow
describes himself as "an educated layman with a tremendous desire to
communicate his enthusiasm for science and discovery."
Ira is a board member of the National Association of Science Writers. His hobbies
include gardening (especially orchids), tropical fish and electronic gadgets. He
loves the theater.
A native of Brooklyn, NY, Flatow now lives in Connecticut with his wife and their
three children.
                                                       --from the Science Friday website