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The Board of Tillicum Foundation joins in extending its
gratitude for these sponsors' significant support of
Coast Community Radio.  With support such as theirs,
KMUN has grown to become by far the most listened-to
station in our region.

And in turn, we are hopeful that given KMUN/KTCB's
estimated 14,300 unique listeners each week, the
announcements being made on the air acknowledging
their sponsorship may be helping to further their
business interests as well.

Especially in today’s economy, we feel it’s worth
why.  Why, when listenership is shrinking
nationwide for commercial radio has our support from
the coasts of northern Oregon and southern
Washington fared so much better?

Together it seems we’re part of a trend.  
As reported by
the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, for the fourth
year in a row, a national survey of independent
businesses has found that those in communities with
an active "buy local" campaign have experienced
markedly stronger revenue growth compared to those
located in areas without such a campaign.

Locally operated and independent since 1983, Coast
Community Radio is determined to continue
strengthening the awareness our community has of its
sponsors and of the importance of their support.  And
with our all-embracing music mix, public affairs programs,
announcements of events and even lost pets, truly
support for one another is what we have in KMUN.

For information about sponsorship, contact:
Tom Hartland

For a complete list of our Business Members, Click here.
For a complete list of our Business Members, Click here.
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