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Harry Shearer, a Los Angeles native, began acting at the age of seven at the
suggestion of his piano teacher-turned-agent. He made his film debut in the
Abbott and Costello Go To Mars and had a small role in the first
Cinemascope movie
The Robe.

When the last days of network radio made way for the early days of live TV, the
young thespian appeared often on
The Jack Benny Show as well as appearances
GE Theatre, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and played the role of Eddie Haskell in
the pilot episode of
Leave It To Beaver.

Shearer resurfaced in the mid-70's as a comedian in Los Angeles, writing and
occasionally performing on
Laverne & Shirley, Fernwood 2Night, and America
He eventually landed a gig on Saturday Night Live, where he performed
and wrote sketches during the 1979-80 season, then came back to do the same
in 1984-85.

His greatest fame came from two completely different entities: as bassist Derek
Smalls in the movie
This Is Spinal Tap, and as the voice of Ned Flanders, Mr.
Burns, Smithers, Reverend Lovejoy, and many others as welll as the voices from
some guest stars on the hit TV series
The Simpsons.

Shearer created and has been host of "Le Show," broadcast from the KCRW
studios in Santa Monica, California, since 1983.

Shearer has homes in both Santa Monica, California and the French Quarter of
New Orleans, Louisiana. According to a telephone call on "Ask Mr. KABC," his
house survived Hurricane Katrina.

Since 1993, Shearer has been married to singer-songwriter Judith Owen.

--compiled from the Harry Shearer website, and Wikipedia.

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