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Recommended Now:  
    - Make a family plan
    - Check home for hazards
    - Record possessions for insurance
    - Install/test smoke detectors
    - Tie bookshelves and water heater to wall studs
    - Secure storage for important records
    - Locate utility shutoffs, have wrenches handy   

The Family Disaster Supplies List
Tip: Build it up week by week...
Week 1     Grocery Store - 1 gal. water, 1 jar peanut
butter, 1 lg. can juice, 1 can meat, manual can opener,
Inst. coffee, tea, powdered soft drink, permanent marker,
additional gal. of water per pet.
Week 2    Hardware Store - crescent wrench, heavy rope,
duct tape, 2 flashlights and batteries, 'bungee' cords.
Week 3     Grocery Store - 1 gal. water, 1 can fruit, 1 can
meat, sanitary napkins, extra gal. of water per pet.
Week 4     Hardware Store - plumber's tape, crowbar,
smoke detector and battery.
Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Response
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If the power goes out
  1. Before calling the Power Company, check for a tripped
    breaker or blown fuse.
  2. If it's not a breaker or fuse, call Pacific Power 866-870-
    3419 and press 1 to report the outage.
  3. Turn off equipment and appliances.  This helps to
    prevent equipment damage when the power is
  4. When power is restored first turn on the most
    essential equipment.  Wait 10 to 15 minutes before
    reconnecting other equipment to avoid overloading
    the electrical system.
  5. Take time after the outage to revise your outage plan
    to determine what can be improved for any next
  6. Visit for updates on outages
    in our area, and for added safety tips.
Tsunami alerts here if active.

In case of an emergency the county may ask the Clatsop Amateur
Radio operators to activate the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency
System/Amateur Radio Emergency Services (RACES/ARES) radio
Clatsop County wide voice nets will be coordinated on the W7BU
linked repeater system
146.76 – (118.8) for East County
145.45 – (118.8) for North County
146.74 – (118.8) for South County
In addition the following repeaters may be used for city wide &
surrounding areas:
146.66-(118.8) for Astoria (KD7UDX)
145.49-(118.8) for Seaside (WA7VE)
Local non-repeater nets have been established on:
147.580 North of Camp Rilea
146.580 South of Camp Rilea
146.400 Seaside
446.5625 Community Emergency Response Team-Amateur Radio
446.5875 Community Emergency Response Team-Amateur Radio
Digital Nets and Operations will be on:
144.93, 144.95, 144.96, & 145.03 tune for best signal in your
area. 144.39 (APRS & Wx)
Clatsop County Emergency Management is licensed as N7AST.
Additional voice, digital, & HF nets are available for
communications with surrounding counties & state Emergency
Coordination Centers.  Personnel may be assigned to these nets
by the net control.
Pacific County will, most likely, operate on the NM7R linked voice
repeater system.
147.180 + (  82.5)  Megler Peak (NM7R)
145.170 – (118.8)  Ocean Park  (NM7R)
440.575 + (118.8)  Naselle Ridge(NM7R)
441.675 + (118.8)  K.O. Peak  (NM7R)
224.040 – (118.8)  K.O. Peak (NM7R)
145.310 – (118.8) North Cove (NM7R)
444.400 + (118.8) South Bend (NM7R)
444.800 + (118.8) Long Beach (NM7R)
Digital operations on 145.630 & 144.390 (APRS & Weather)
Tillamook County will, most likely operate on voice repeater
147.220 + (100.0) Mt Hebo (W7LI)
441.300 + (100.0) Mt Hebo (W7EM)
440.900 + (118.8) Mt Hebo (N7HQR) linked*
442.750 + (118.8) Rockaway (N7HQR) linked*
147.160 + (118.8) Cape Meares (W7HH)linked*
147.260 + (100.0) Tillamook (N7QFT)
147.390 + (D-STAR) Mt Hebo (W7GC)
Digital operations on 144.950, 145.030, & 144.390 (APRS &
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Federal legislators you can contact to make the case
for community radio funding:

Oregon Congressional Delegation

Senator Jeff Merkley
One World Trade Center, Suite 1400
121 SW Salmon Street
Portland, OR 97204

Senator Ron Wyden
911 NE 11th Avenue, Suite 630
Portland, OR 97232

Representative Suzanne Bonamici
620 SW Main, Suite 606
Portland, OR  97205

Washington Congressional Delegation

Senator Patty Murray
Jackson Federal Building, Suite 2988
915 2nd Avenue
Seattle, WA 98174

Senator Maria Cantwell
915 Second Avenue, Suite 3206
Seattle, WA 98174

Representative Jaime Herrera

Chair of the Senate Committees on Appropriations
(This committee will recommend allocations for public radio

Senator Tom Harkin
731 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-3254