Nighttime Noir:
A weekly half-hour program of stories for adults featuring classics from
Raymond Chandler, Dashiel Hammett, Christopher Isherwood and others.

on air: Mondays at 10 PM, on KMUN and KTCB.

listen online: Mondays at 10 PM.

Judith suggests Bride of the Gorilla:
Her clothes torn away screaming in terror!
Her marriage vows were more than
From 1951, directed by Curt Siodmak and
starring Raymond Burr, Lon Chaney Jr.
Barbara Payton. 70mins.
Hosted by: Judith Altruda
Born in Los Angeles, Judith migrated to the Northwest in the early eighties and
has lived here ever since. She's been listening to KMUN since  its earliest days
and is delighted that her children Raleigh and Sophia are being "raised on the
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