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Contact: Elizabeth Menetrey

Hosted by: Jeremy Hirsch, Kim Angelis, Rob Emanuel or Chris Bello

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photo provided by Kim Angelis
Kim Angelis is an internationally
acclaimed violin virtuoso and composer
who has successfully transcended
artistic boundaries - a free spirit
blazing a melodic trail through the
territories of classical, world, and multi-
cultural music. Kim’s vision of a “Gypsy
chamber music”, liberally flavored with
passion, is exciting and inspirational.
Kim Angelis has enthralled concert
audiences from Ancud, Chile, to Alaska
and over the seas to Asia with her
dazzling virtuosity, romantic writing,
and exuberant stage presence.

Kim majored in music at the University
of California, Irvine, where she studied
with the best violinists in the Los
Angeles Philharmonic, including
concertmaster Sidney Harth and Ivan
Galamian protegee Lori Ulanova. She
won every available scholarship, and
was featured soloist with the UCI
Symphony, performing major works by
Vivaldi and Saint-Saens.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude,
the violinist met and later married
Josef Gault, who introduced
her to World Music. “Josef really
broadened my outlook,” she enthuses.
“One hundred years ago music was
confined to the areas in which it
developed. But today, with modern
recording and the internet, we are
able to listen to music from every
different culture. I like to collect the
sonic images evoked, and write a new
‘Gypsy chamber music’.”

Beautiful, historic Astoria, OR, is the
place Kim Angelis calls home - it is the
rich source of her serenity and
inspiration.  Kim’s Christian faith plays
the primary role in her life. She has
been a host of the
New World Beat
program since 2005.
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Chris Bello became fascinated by
Cuban music and its salsa offspring
while living in San Francisco’s Hispanic
Mission District in the 1970s, and he’s
been an avid student of the music
ever since. He later got to know some
of the Bay Area’s many Latin
musicians, and a couple of very
knowledgeable radio D.J.s, while
writing music reviews for the East Bay
Express in Oakland. Other
enthusiasms also percolate---for
African music, Mexican music, r&b,
blues, and jazz.
Rob River