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Jack’s Country Store

Founded in 1885, when the area was still part of Washington Territory, and now thought to be the oldest continuing retail business in the state, Jack’s Country Store maintains traditions of rural America. Our general mercantile is the real thing, a fact that becomes immediately evident to first-time visitors who marvel at the wood floors, rolling track ladders, enormous oak showcases, and a beautiful stained glass ceiling, all functional fixtures in the store.

Known far and wide for the huge inventory and broad array of merchandise, it is nearly impossible for two or more people to agree upon the single most unique feature of Jack’s Country Store. Food lovers have their favorites, including mouth-watering jerky, sausages, smoked salmon, and smoked oysters from our in-store smokehouse – treats so good that they have helped us become one of the largest sellers of smokehouses in the nation.

Local seafood, fresh-cut U.S.D.A. meat, and cold cuts are abundant.  Try a rotisserie chicken for your next picnic on the beach. Our produce department offers a great selection. Local produce is featured when in season. Goodies from our bakery complete any meal.

Address: 26006 Vernon Ave

City: Ocean Park

State: WA

Zip: 98640

Email: service@jackscountrystore.com

Phone: 360-665-4989

URL: http://jackscountrystore.com/