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Astoria Integrative Family Medicine

Dr. Carolyn Nygaard, Dr. Mary Bess Gloria and Dr. Allie Evans are licensed naturopathic physicians sharing space to provide integrative medical options to the North Coast community.

“Integrative medicine focuses on the whole person, is informed by evidence, affirms the importance of the relationship between patient and physician, and makes use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches and healthcare professionals to achieve optimal health and healing,” according to the doctors. “As naturopathic physicians, we strive to use the least invasive means to support the body’s innate healing capacity. We seek to find the underlying cause of disease beyond symptom management.”

The clinic provides full-service primary care for all age ranges for a wide spectrum of health problems. Services include wellness exams, women’s health, midwifery, pediatrics, lab services, physical medicine, and chronic disease management. Natural treatment options including botanical medicine, homeopathy, and vitamins are utilized as well as pharmaceuticals when deemed necessary. Most insurance plans provide coverage for naturopathic visits. Billing for insurance is provided when applicable.

Address: 1490 Commercial St,

City: Astoria

State: OR

Zip: 97103

Email: astoriaintegrativefm1490@gmail.com

Phone: (503) 741-3636