General Manager: Joanne Rideout

Cultural and Community Calendars
Elizabeth Menetrey
    type"for the calendar" in the subject line

Engineering and Technical
Chief Engineer: Terry Wilson
Transmitters: Gray Haertig
Studios: Doug Sweet
Ray Merritt, Mike Biehn

Front Desk
David Paul

Membership Services
Susan Boac      

Music Tracking
Elizabeth Menetrey

Kathleen Morgain

Joe Patenaude

Pledge Drive
Susan Boac      

1445 Exchange Avenue, PO Box 269, Astoria, OR 97103   503.325.0010
Have an event or announcement for the on-air Community or Cultural Calendar?
Send it at least 10 days in advance to or by regular mail, marked FOR CALENDAR.
Elizabeth Menetrey     

Sponsored Events  
Susan Boac      

Underwriting and Corporate Development
Susan Boac           

Volunteer Coordination and Training
Elizabeth Menetrey      

Website and email services
webmaster: Tom Hartland,

email services: Ray Merritt, with help from Cheth Rowe

Board of Directors:
Margaret Frimoth (Nov 2015)

Karri Gallaugher (Nov 2015)

David Hall (Nov 2015)

Jack Harris (Nov 2015)

Ray Merritt (Nov 2014)

Julia Read (Nov 2014)

Roger Rocka (Nov 2014)

You can reach the entire Board by emailing
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