Talk of Our Towns

Donna QuinnA half-hour Community Affairs program — a glimpse into the people, places and things that make the Columbia Pacific Region (and beyond!) unique.

hosted by: Donna Quinn

on air: Wednesdays from 9:30-10:00am on KMUN & KTCB

Donna Quinn has a curious mind so the topics on TOOTS (Talk of Our Towns) are wide-ranging and often surprising. Guests vary from a Crab Fisherman to a quirky author with a newly published tome – and there are many worthwhile non-profits offering valuable services, programs and events who trust that TOOTS can help them get their information out to the public in a powerful way.

TOOTS explores the eclectic and far-reaching interests of the Coast Community Radio audience.  Hopefully it entertains, enlightens, informs, educates and provides a call to action where needed.

Donna is always open to ideas for TOOTS guests and topics so please email her at: and put “TOOTS Ideas” in the topic line. Thank you!

And …. remember to find a moment today to take a deep breath …………….!

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Join host Donna Quinn as she talks with Lexie Hallahan, founder and director of Northwest Women's Surf Camps. listen 05/30/2019
Guest host David Paul talks with Briana Smith of Events Northwest and Jennifer Crockett, executive director of the Liberty Theater in Astoria, about the historic, restored Liberty Theater. listen 02/25/2019
Donna Quinn talks with Marianne Monson, author and founder of Astoria Writers Guild. Monson’s latest book “Women of the Blue & Grey” was released last month. She is offering an Ales & Ideas  talk about women of the North and South at Fort George Nov 1.  And the first Astoria Writers Guild's Literary Ball and Benefit is happening at RiverSea Gallery on Nov  3rd, 6-9 pm.  listen 10/25/2018
Join Donna Quinn as she interviews Sylvia Stephens and John Glen about an upcoming emergency preparedness fair in Warrenton, Oregon. listen 08/30/2018
listen 08/15/2018
Join Host Donna Quinn on “Talk of Our Towns”and learn about a special exploring health and dis-ease workshop, “Overfed Body, Underfed Soul” happening on Saturday, June 16th at KALA from 12 noon to 2 pm.  Donna’s guest is Kathleen Dudley, a Certified Reflexologist with Seaside Reflexology, who will be presenting the workshop.      listen 06/06/2018
Astoria Parks Foundation and Buoy Beer are sponsoring the 5th annual RUN ON THE RIVER on Sunday, May 20th.  Learn more about this fun event from Donna Quinn’s guests on TOOTS this morning, Dr. Tracy Erfling of the Astoria Parks Foundation, Race Director Jenn Benoit, Executive Assistant to Astoria City Manager, and Buoy Beer event coordinator, Jessyka Dart-McLean. listen 04/25/2018
Join Donna Quinn for a talk with Coast Community Radio Station Manager Graham Nystrom, Tillicum Foundation Board Chair Joan Herman, and former station manager Doug Sweet, as they discuss the station's 35 year history of being on the air, and the 35th Birthday Party for the station, happening this Saturday in Astoria. listen 04/11/2018
Join Host Donna Quinn as she interviews Green Angel Gardens owner Larkin Stentz, who is teaching a Clatsop Coummunity College class called, "Listening to The New Earth." listen 04/06/2018
Join host Donna  Quinn as she talks with guests Ester Moberg, Jimmy Pearson, Nettie Calog and Jane Tucker about Reading Outreach in Clatsop County and the Little Librarian Fundraiser, Saturday, March 31 at the Seaside Convention Center. listen 03/29/2018
Join host Donna Quinn for a pledge drive show eztravaganza - all about the ADHDA “Jane Barnes Review” happening Saturday, April 7 at the Astoria Ruins (Astor Hotel).  Guests are the always popular Dulcye Taylor, President of ADHDA, SarahLu Heath, Executive Director ADHDA and a surprise “Jane.” listen 03/21/2018
Join guest host Joanne Rideout as she chats with Coast Community Station Manager Graham Nystrom, Tillicum Foundation Board Chair Joan Herman, and Coast Community Radio Operations Manager Brian Bovenizer about the "State of the Station." listen 03/16/2018
On this week's Talk of Our Towns, Donna Quinn talks with guests Merianne Myers, Kayla Warner, and  Wendy D’Agostino with the North Coast Food Web, all  about the Young Chef Cooking Camp happening March 26-30.   listen 03/07/2018
Donna Quinn talks with guests Julia Mabry and Ann Lederer about CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates for children, and the program's 20th annual celebration happening next month. listen 03/01/2018
Donna Quin talks with guests from the Assistance League of the Columbia Pacific Pop Up at Vintage Hardware: Jessica Newhall of Assistance League and Becky Johnson of Vintage Hardware. listen 02/21/2018
Donna Quinn talks with Allie Kloster about the upcoming Oregon Coast Women's Expo, happening in Seaside on Sunday Feb 18. listen 02/16/2018
Join Donna Quinn for Talk of Our Towns. This week her guest is Erhard Gross, an instructor with ENCORE, an ongoing program of Clatsop Community College.  Erhard is presenting a course on “The Other Slavery” and he will be talking about two February 22 presentations with visiting Canyon de Chelly Park Ranger Ravis Henry who will focus on the Navajo Culture and his people.  Both the Fort Clatsop Visitor Center afternoon presentation and the Judge Guy Boyington evening presentation will be open to the public. listen 02/07/2018
Join host Donna Quinn on “Talk of Our Towns” to hear more about the SHORE STYLE Wedding Faire taking place at the Loft at the Red Building in Astoria on Saturday, February 3.  Donna’s guests will be Briana Smith, owner of The Loft at the Red Building and Summer Oja, owner of Layers Boutique in downtown Astoria.   listen 02/01/2018
Join guest host David Paul this week for an interview about Clatsop Community College's WINGS program, to help women expand their educational and work opportunities. listen 01/27/2018
Guest host David Paul talks with North Coast Indivisible members about the Summit event, Saturday, January 20th at Astoria's Fort George Lovell showroom. listen 01/17/2018
Join Host Donna Quinn for an interview with Kari Borgen, EO Media Group North Coast Operations Group publisher and revenue director, and Jim Van Nostrand, editor, both from the Daily Astorian, about the role of local newspapers in our lives. listen 01/16/2018
Join Host Donna Quinn for a chat about Health & Wellness in the New Year. Two new yoga/massage/body movement businesses have opened in downtown Astoria. Donna interviews Elisabeth Pietila of Wild Roots and Amanda Barp of Watershed Wellness. listen 01/04/2018
Join host Donna Quinn as she seeks inspiration and support for changing times with guest Katelyn Staecker, Certified IFS Therapist and trainer. listen 12/27/2017
Join host Donna Quinn for this Local Profile of Lynn and Bruce Buckmaster. listen 12/21/2017
Join Host Donna Quinn on “Talk Of Our Towns” and meet Sunnie Bell who has just opened the SunFlower Dairy Indoor Walking Park in downtown Astoria. Sunnie is bringing sunshine walking conditions year round as well as nutritional classes at her new business. listen 12/13/2017
As winter approaches our thoughts turn to storms and we remember the Great Coastal Gale 10 years ago.  What kind of emergency communication services worked for the North Coast then and how are our emergency service experts working on new plans to prepare for this winter?  Join Host Donna Quinn on TOOTS and her guests, Vincent Aarts, Deputy Director of Clatsop County Emergency Management, Don Hillgaertner of Sunset Empire Amateur Radio Club, and Terry Wilson KMUN Coast Community Radio Engineer and Ham Radio Operator.   listen 11/29/2017
Join host Donna Quinn for Talk of Our Towns. This week we hear about this year’s Fort George Magnanimous Mug Award nominees and their causes – and meet past winners Jeff Daly of THE GLAM TRAM and Dulcye Taylor of ADHDA along with Brad Blaser of Fort George who will explain how all this goodness got started two years ago! listen 11/22/2017
Join Host Donna Quinn on “Talk of Our Towns” and find out about the good work Surfrider Foundation is doing worldwide and here on the North Coast. Surfrider is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. Donna’s guests are Jesse Jones, Surfrider Blue Water Task Force Coordinator and Briana Goodwin, Surfrider Oregon Field Manager. listen 11/15/2017
Join Host Donna Quinn on Talk of Our Towns. Donna's guest this week is Nan Devlin, Director of Tourism and Interim Director of Economic Development for Tillamook. They're talking about new tourism opportunities in Tillamook and in Tillamook County, as well as the expansion of the Cheese Factory and what the Economic outlook is like for this part of the Coast.   listen 11/08/2017
join host Donna  Quinn as she talks with guests about Iron Chef Goes Coastal.  Jennifer Holen, Executive Director of United Way of Clatsop County (and co-owner of Baked Alaska)  along with all four competing chefs – last year’s winners, Jonathan Hoffman of Chef’s Table and John Sowa from Sweet Basil will be there along with the Chefs of Silver Salmon and Osprey Café. listen 11/01/2017
On this week's Talk of Our Towns, host Donna Quinn. Donna's guests are Lindsay Nicholas and Josh Saranpaa, of the Wildlife Center of the North Coast. They'll be talking about the upcoming Founders Day dinner fundraiser.   listen 10/25/2017
Join Host Donna Quinn for a weekly discussion about what's up on the Coast. Today Donna talks with guests Cheryl Johnson and Jen Rouda who'll talk with Donna about the “Pennies for Piggies” fundraiser at local schools for the Astoria Public Library. Donna will also interview Kate Deeks who founded the Write Astoria group at the Astoria Public Library and are having a first reading for their writers this week. listen 10/18/2017
Join guest Host David Paul for Talk of Our Towns.  This week David talk s with Mary Davies, of the Assistance League of the Columbia Pacific about the Home and Chef Tour, and Matt Stanley, manager of the Astoria Co-op, about that organization's fundraising campaign to build a new, larger store. listen 10/12/2017
Host Donna Quinn has a packed show this week: in the first half she talks with Jimmy Pearson, Director of the Astoria Public Library, about the library's 50th anniversary celebration on Oct 8. Then she'll chat with guests Angela Cosby, Director of Astoria Parks & Recreation and Dulcye Taylor of ADHDA.They'll be talking about the 3rd annual Instant Gratification, Zero K All Fun Run, also happening Oct 8.   listen 10/04/2017
Host Donna Quinn talks with author David Berger about his new book, "Razor Clams - Buried Treasure of the Pacific Northwest." listen 09/27/2017
Join guest host David Paul for a discussion about the Pacific Northwest Brew Cup, happening this weekend in Astoria. listen 09/21/2017
Host Donna Quinn talks with folks from Astoria's Buoy Beer, about their "Pints for A Purpose" program. Guests are Dave Kroening, Buoy Beer co-owner, and Christina Carey, with Pilot House Distilling, Wigglin' Home Boxer Rescue Pilot House Distilling, and Grumpy Dog Shrub Company. listen 09/13/2017
Host Donna Quinn talks with Clatsop Cruise Hosts Volunteer Coordinator Cyndi Mudge, and Volunteer Christine Lolich, about Astoria's cruise ship season. listen 09/06/2017
Host Donna Quinn talks with Amy Moore, Director of the Cannon Beach Academy, and Patti Rouse, Secretary of the Cannon Beach Academy School Board. listen 08/30/2017
Join Host Donna Quinn for Talk of Our Towns. Today Donna talks with Astoria businessman and investor Robert Jacob. listen 08/23/2017
Host Donna Quinn walks with Clatsop Community College President Chris Breitmeyer. listen 08/16/2017
Wednesday 9:30 am Host: Donna Quinn Donna's guest today: Chris Breitmeyer President of Clatsop Community College will talk the brand new Patriot Hall and other CCC topics. listen 08/16/2017
Host Donna Quinn talks with guests Dr. Allie Evans, board chair of the Astoria Co-op, and Matt Stanley, Coop General Manager, about the Astoria grocery's plans for the future. listen 08/10/2017
Host Donna Quinn interviews Chris Laman, Director of the Columbia Memorial Hospital Knight Cancer Collaboration, which will allow patients to get care locally which they previously had to travel out of the area to receive. listen 08/09/2017
In this two part show, host Donna Quinn interviews Greek Artist Christos Koutsouras who has a new show opening at Imogen Gallery on Second Saturday, August 12 which is also the 5th Anniversary for Imogen Gallery.  The theme of Christos show is Royal Nebekers Net Loft.     Also in this show: Gary Sunderland and Dave Ambrose with the Netel Grange talking about their Pie Auction/Contra Dance/Fundraiser on Sunday afternoon, August 13  at the Netel Grange on Lewis & Clark Road. listen 08/02/2017
Donna talks with Jimmy Pearson, Dir. Astoria Public Library, and Dave Ambrose, Book Discussion Groups; we'll hear about programs at the Library! listen 07/26/2017
KC Heckenberg and Josie Peper talk about the Sunset Empire Orchid Society. listen 07/19/2017
An encore presentation: Donna talks with correspondent Colin Fogerty about The Confluence Project. listen 07/05/2017
Sarah Lu Heath, Ex Dir ADHAD, talks about changes in downtown Astoria and about Fourth of July activities.   listen 06/28/2017
All things Manzanita! Donna welcomes Dan Haag, Manzanita Visitor's Center Coordinator listen 06/21/2017
David Paul welcomes Lexie Hallahan, Dir. North West Women's Surf Camps, and CJ Johnson of Clatsop Paddle Company, to talk about paddleboard and surfing opportunities on the North Coast.   listen 06/14/2017
Donna's guest is Mike Patterson, talking birds, butterflies and flowers. We'll hear an update on the Godwits! listen 06/07/2017
A two-part show: Donna welcomes CCR Station Manager Joanne Rideout to talk about the threats to public radio and a special Go-Fund-Me campaign; Jessamyn West talks about the proposed sale of the Oddfellows Building and the future of downtown Astoria. listen 05/31/2017
Learn about the exciting Clatsop County College Student Robotics Team and their Robot Lazarus.  Our Astorian born robotics team is highly respected and now has the opportunity to compete in an international robotics competition this June in Long Beach, California.  Guests: Georges Oates-Larsen, Haley Werst, Jennifer Jordan, Sam Daire and Sean Sullivan. listen 05/17/2017
Donna talks with Josh Saranpaa, Executive Director, Wildlife Center of the North Coast listen 05/10/2017
It's the 50th anniversary celebration of Oregon’s Landmark Beach Bill.  Cannon Beach will kick off the celebration with a series of events and activities on Saturday, May 13th.  Donna's guest will be Court Carrier, Executive Director of Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Center. listen 05/03/2017
Joining Donna today are Chefs Badr Fayez and Chris Holen from Baked Alaska; also, Merianna Myers, North Coast Foods Web. listen 04/26/2017
Donna talks with Ex Dir Marcus Hinz of the Oregon Coast Visitors Association. Find out why the Oregon Coast is called "The People's Coast"! listen 04/19/2017
Robert and Gwen Brake of the Long beach Peninsula talk about the newly formed non-profit organization "The Do-Goodniks.” listen 04/12/2017
It's "Ride for Redd"! Long-distance equestrians Kat Cannell and Katelyn Spradley join Donna to talk about a 1000mile horseback ride to save wild salmon. listen 04/05/2017
We'll hear about the  Clatsop Emergency Food Bank Fundraiser with guests, Cindy Miller, Co-organizer of "Let's Stamp Out Hunger", and Julene West, Dir. Clatsop Emergency Food Bank listen 03/29/2017
It's the annual Jane Barnes Review! Host Merianne Myers talks with Dulcye Taylor and Sarah Lu Heath of the ADHDA. listen 03/22/2017
Donna welcomes Astoria Trolley Board members Bob Miller and Russ Thompson to talk about Volunteering with the Astoria Trolley; Jimmy Pearson, Astoria Library Dir., Suzanne Harold, and Esther Moberg discuss "Little Libraries." listen 03/15/2017
Donna talks  with David and Cherilyn Frei, and Aland Kujala about the "Angels on a Leash" dog therapy program. listen 03/08/2017
Clatsop CASA Ex. Dir. Julia Mabry, and Volunteers Ted and Wendy Osborn, join Donna to talk about the upcoming CASA Celebration, Thursday March 9 at Bridgewater Bistro. listen 03/01/2017
Donna welcomes Astoria High School Band Director, Jeremy Johnson, Sam Rascoe, President Astoria Band Boosters, and student musicians, Jonny Barker, Zack Latsen, Kegan Rascoe and Mei Lie Robin-Dott.   listen 02/22/2017
Reach Break Brewing Company just opened in downtown Astoria a couple of weeks ago.  Reach Break Brothers/Owners Josh and Jared Allison join Donna to talk about their new venture. “Pop-Up” restaurant open for lunch February 20 to February 24 at Baked Alaska’s Annex space with an interesting “pay what you can” concept. Baked Alaska owner and Chef Chris Holen. listen 02/15/2017
Donna Quinn welcomes journalist Colin Fogerty to talk about the Confluence Project. listen 02/08/2017
Topic: the City of Astoria’s ADVANCE ASTORIA economic development strategy for the next five years. Guests: Kevin Cronin, Community Development Director for the City of Astoria; Kevin Leahy, Executive Director of CEDR (Clatsop Economic Development Resources).   listen 02/01/2017
Donna welcomes Jessica Newhall/The Loft, Becky Johnson/Vintage Hardware, and Jennifer Holen/Baked Alaska, to talk about the ShoreStyle Wedding Faire happening Saturday January, 28. listen 01/25/2017
Clatsop Community College's annual WINGS Conference - Saturday, February 11, 2017. Donna Quinn welcomes Rinda Johansen, Monica Van Steenberg,  and CCC President Chris Breitmeyer. listen 01/18/2017
The Astoria Women's "March to Protect Our Future" is happening on Saturday, January 21 at noon in downtown Astoria. Donna Quinn talks with organizer Laurie Caplan. listen 01/11/2017
Professor Lucien Swerdloff, Professor John Goodenberger, and former student, Katie Rathmell discuss the Clatsop Community College Historic Preservation Program – how it is helping Astoria maintain its character and how it changed one woman’s life.   listen 01/04/2017
Finding the light in dark times with licensed clinical social worker and a certified IFS therapist Katelyn Staecker.   listen 12/28/2016
Donna talks with local business owners: Astoria's Best Computers, RiverZen Yoga, Gulley's Butchers Shop. Guests: Leo Finzi, Dave and Peggy Stevens, and Diana and Glenn Gulley.   listen 12/21/2016
Donna welcomes Jimmy Pearson, Dir. Astoria Public Library. listen 12/14/2016
Dulcye Taylor and Sarahlu Health of the Astoria Downtown Historic District Association talk about holiday events in town and plans for 2017. listen 12/07/2016
"Gifts That Make a Difference" Sunday Dec 10, Liberty Theater. Guests: Caren Black and LinMarie DiCianni, Lower Columbia Time Bank;Jennifer Holen, United Way; Jennifer Crocket, Dir. Liberty Theater   listen 11/30/2016
Keyaho Rohlfs  has relatives at Standing Rock and just returned from there for a second time. We'll hear an important on-the-ground perspective not covered in the current news.   listen 11/23/2016
We'll hear about the Liberty Theater 2017 season with guests Jennifer Crocket, Director Liberty Theater and Board President, Christine Lolich. listen 11/16/2016
It's Hometown Tourism Day Friday, November 11!  Donna welcomes Lewis & Clark National Park Ranger Sally Freeman, event organizer. listen 11/09/2016
Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis, talks with Donna about the Malheur Occupation trial verdict.   listen 11/02/2016
Iron Chef Goes Coastal and Astor Street Opry Company Angel Fundraisers   listen 10/26/2016
Encore presentation: The Wild Owyhees listen 10/19/2016
Guest Host David Paul talks with Barbara Bernstein and Elaine Velazquez about the documentary film "Gaining Ground".   listen 10/05/2016
Joanne Rideout talks about Wellspring Community with network coordinator Vanessa Karnofski, Long Beach PD Chief Flint Wright, and Katie Lindstrom, project director.   listen 09/28/2016
In an encore conversation, Donna talks with Robert Jacob, owner Cannery Pier Hotel, about growing up in Astoria.   listen 09/21/2016
Astoria Masonic Temple Master Milo Haskel, and Historian, Stephen Berk.   listen 09/14/2016
This week on Talk of Our Towns, host Donna Quinn covers the topic of hospice with guests Laura Lattig and volunteers Jan & Larry Osterby.     listen 09/07/2016
Guest host David Paul talks with Caran Black and Ann Gant, Gifts that Make a Difference, and Jennifer Holen, Ex. Dir. Clatsop County United Way about the Gifts that Make a Difference event December 16th.   listen 08/31/2016
Donna talks with Randy Matthews from the Land Institute about natural systems agriculture. listen 08/24/2016
Mac Burns, Ex Director Clatsop County Historical Society, talks about the 50th Anniversary of Astoria-Megler Bridge, the return of the Tourister2 Ferry, and an upcoming tour at the Flavell House.  listen 08/10/2016
Betsy Millard, Director of the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum in Ilwaco,  talks about the Astoria-Megler Bridge Exhibit and all things CPHM!  listen 08/04/2016
Today we meet Clatsop Community College President, Christopher Breitmeyer.  listen 07/27/2016
Katherina Audley, Founder and Director of Whales of Guerro Research Project.  listen 07/20/2016
Bob Reese (President NW Guides and Anglers, Assoc. of NW Steelheaders) and Chad Brown (Founder and Creative Director Soul River Runs Deep) talk about the Wild Owyhee Canyonlands.  listen 07/13/2016
Lexie Hallahan, Dir. NW Women's Surf Camps; Cheryl Johnson Owner/Guide Clatsop Paddle. It's time for Surf Camp!  listen 07/06/2016
Dulcye Taylor and Tom Brownson talk about the return of the Ferry Tourister No.2.  listen 06/29/2016
Bela Balogh and Courtney Von Drehle of 3 Leg Torso and vocalist, Minntah Haefker join Donna to talk about the Astoria Music Festival. listen 06/22/2016
David Paul talks with Diane Berry about the Oregon Equestrian Trials and Horse Festival.  listen 06/15/2016
Encore presentation: Donna Quinn talks with award-winning travel and science writer, Julian Smith. His articles and photographs have appeared in Smithsonian, Wired, and National Geographic.   listen 06/08/2016
SEAPAC 2016 at the Seaside Convention Center. Guest Host Terry Wilson talks to Joanne Rideout and Don Hillgaerter about amateur (ham) radio.  listen 06/01/2016
Kevin Cronin, City of Astoria Development Dir. and Kate Summers, Chair of the Astoria Library Board, talk about events at the Library and City of Astoria updates.  listen 05/25/2016
David Paul talks with Fred Stemmler and Darren Orange about the AVA Recology Art Project, and with Carla Coles about the BioBlitz/Biodiversity Festival this weekend at the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park. listen 05/18/2016
Laurie Caplan, Cheryl Johnson and Brett VandenHuevel talk about the success of the NO LNG citizens group and the importance of community involvement.  listen 05/11/2016
Wild Spirit: Conservation for Life Art Show at DragonFire Gallery in Cannon Beach. Guests: Eeva Lantela from DragonFire Gallery, and Katei Voelke, Ex. Dir. North Coast Land Conservancy.  listen 05/04/2016
Guest host Joanne Rideout talks with Mindy Stokes, Administrator for Clatsop Care Memory Community and Community family members, Vicki Tate and Linda Burke.  listen 04/20/2016
It's the first annual Seaside Dash to Safety! Joining Donna this morning: Jon Rahl, Asst. General Manager for City of Seaside Visitors Center; Mike Salhberg coordinator for Safe Kids; and students from Seaside High School.  listen 04/13/2016
Jane Tucker, City of Astoria Library Director, Ester Moberg, City of Seaside Library Director , Nettie-Lee Calog, City of Warrenton Library Director and Suzanne Harold, Library ROCC school outreach coordinator, talking about the Little Libraries fundraiser and the Summer Reading program.  listen 04/06/2016
Cindy Miller of Stamp Out Hunger, and Julene West, Dir. Clatsop Emergency Food Bank/Pantry talk about the annual Stamp Out Hunger Event April 9.  listen 03/30/2016
Donna welcomes Josh Saranpaa, Executive Director of Wildlife Center of the North Coast and Karen Beck, President of the Board of Directors of Wildlife Center of the North Coast....and a special New Member!   listen 03/23/2016
Dulcye Taylor and Alana Garner of the Astoria Downtown Historic District Association join Donna to talk about the 6th annual Jane Barnes Revue!   listen 03/16/2016
Donna welcomes Daniela Stallinger, founder and editor of the on-line travel magazine Bearleader Chronicle.  listen 03/09/2016
Donna guests are CASA Executive Director Julia Mabry, and Board Member, Sari Vedenoyja-Hartman. The annual CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) celebration is March 10.  listen 03/02/2016
Donna talks with artist and musician, Ray Troll.  listen 02/24/2016
Donna’s guests are Dr. Allie Evans, Darcy Cronin and Judy McElroy of Friends of McClure Park, and Ian Sisson of Astoria Parks and Recreation. We'll hear about about the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.    listen 02/17/2016
Donna guests are Bob Miller, Board member Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation, and Sgt. Eric Bunday, Hillsboro PD and co-founder of OFBF.  listen 02/10/2016
Donna Quinn talks with award-winning travel and science writer, Julian Smith. His articles and photographs have appeared in Smithsonian, Wired, and National Geographic.  listen 02/03/2016
Host/Donna QuinnDonna speaks with Dan Serres, Director Columbia Riverkeeper: "All Things LNG"  listen 01/27/2016
Host/ Donna QuinnDonna speaks with guests Margaret Frimoth, Dir. Lives in Transition program at Clatsop Community College, and Ane McIntyre,publicity chair for WINGS-Women INterested in Returning to School.WINGS Conference Saturday, February 6 at CCC.  listen 01/20/2016
Host/Donna QuinnGuests: Alana Garner, Executive Director of the Astoria Downtown Historic District Association, also Jessica Newhall of The Loft at the Red Building in Astoria. We’ll hear about the inaugural Shore Style Wedding Faire coming up on Saturday, January 23rd. The venue will be the Loft at the Red Building. listen 01/13/2016
Host/Donna QuinnGuests: Constance Waisanen, Financial Advisor Thrivent Financial; Dr. Catherine Al-MeterHELP REFUGEES event January 10, 4:00-7:00pm, RiverZen Yoga.  listen 01/06/2016
Host/ Donna QuinnLicensed clinical social worker, Katelyn Staecker, joins Donna to discuss "Attitudes, Actions and Rituals for Change."  listen 12/30/2015
Host/ Donna QuinnGuests: Leila Koskela Collier and Loren Matthews, President of the Scandinavian Heritage Association. Donna and her guests discuss all things Scandinavian!  listen 12/23/2015
Host/Donna QuinnGuest: Mac Burns, Director of the Clatsop County Historical Society.Donna and Mac talk about the museum gems here in Astoria, also about the Plum Pudding and Tea Event at the Flavel House.  listen 12/16/2015
Host/Donna QuinnGuests: Caren Black and Robert McClelland from Lower Columbia Time Bank. Donna and her guests talk about the Alternative Gift Fair; 12-4:00pm, Saturday December 12, at the Liberty Theater.  listen 12/09/2015
Host/Donna Quinn   Guests:  Clatsop Community College professors Nancy Cook and Pat Keefe. Donna and her guests discuss the Ails and Ideas series and talk about a new climate change class being offered at CCC.  listen 12/02/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna QuinnGuest: Jennette Schacher, Dir. Lower Columbia Hospice. Donna and Jennette discuss end-of-life decisions and the Hearts for Hospice event.  listen 11/25/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn   Guest:  Ragan Myers, City of Long Beach Tourism and Events Coordinator.  It's Holidays at the Beach 2015!   listen 11/18/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guest: Kalie Davis, Manager of the SAGE Center-an interactive learning center focused on regional agriculture and energy industries.  listen 11/11/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guests: Astoria City Councilman Drew Herzig and Coast Guard Petty Officer Hannah Silverman talk about the Lower Columbia Diversity event,"Helping Our Heroes: Addressing Veteran Homelessness in Clatsop County. Chuck Meyer of Astor Street Opry Company. Chuck Meyer joins Donna in part 2 to discuss the "Be An ASOC Angel" November 12th, an  event benefiting the Astor Street Opry Company.   listen 11/04/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guest: Jasmine Swank, Evidence Based Essential Oils. Donna and Jasmine talk about essential oils for health and wellness and the seminar November 7th.  listen 10/28/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn  Guests: Rhetta Christie, Marie Labinis, Jeff Daly. The Astoria Column reopens this weekend!  listen 10/21/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guests: Ron Craig; Astoria International Film Festival. Marilyn Lane, Ron Nichols and Lori Wilson; Whitewater Institute.  listen 10/14/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guests: Mindy Stokes and Brandy Sweeney, Clatsop Care Memory Community; Jane Cartwright, Assistance League of Columbia Pacific.  listen 10/07/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guests: Jane Tucker, Dir. Astoria Public Library; Ester Moberg, Dir. Seaside Public Library; Nettie Calog, Warrenton Community Library.  Donna and her guests talk about "Make A Little Library", a fun competition designed to get library cards to children in Clatsop County.   listen 09/30/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guest: Josh Sarapaa, Dir. Wildlife Center for the North Coast. Josh and Donna talk about the mission of the Center, to save wild birds, and pay tribute to the Center's founder, Sharnelle Fee.  listen 09/23/2015
Talk of Our Towns/David Paul.  Guests: Dulcye Taylor and Alana Garner from the Astoria Downtown Historic District Association. Today we hear about the annual Brewcup Festival fundraiser happening September 25-27.  listen 09/16/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Joanne Rideout.  Guests: Caren Black, North Coast Time Bank. Joanne and Caren talk about the Gift Fair; Robert McClelland from Clatsop Community College discusses The Conference on Extraordinary Living. Fall Membership Drive  listen 09/09/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guests: Lloyd Mueller, Clatsop Community College Financial Dir., Monica Van Steenberg, Recruiting Coordinator. The Fall schedules are out! Find out what's new for fall at CCC.  listen 08/26/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guests: Astoria City Manager, Brett Estes and Kevin Cronin, Astoria Community Development Director.  listen 08/19/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guests: Marie Laibinis of MCL Conservation, Project Director and Conservator; John Goodenberger, local historian and Restoration Team Mgr; Kitty Kavanaugh, Seattle Opera Master scenic artist; Angela Crosby, Dir. Astoria Parks and Recreation.Donna and her guests discuss the Astoria Column restoration and preservation project. listen 08/12/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guest: Artist Christos Koustouras.  Donna and Christos discuss his art, his life, and his newest installation "Accessible To All" opening at the Imogen Gallery and the Carruthers Building this weekend.   listen 08/05/2015
Talk of Our Towns/David Paul The Astoria Column is lit in teal for Sexual Awareness Month.   listen 07/30/2015
Talk of our Towns/Donna Quinn Guests: Kevin and Lisa Malcolm-A Sweet Treat Program!     listen 07/30/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn    Today Donna speaks with Kathy Koppen Dean, Co-President Regatta Association 2015; Hal Nauman, Boat Parade Chairman; and Josh McConnell, Boat Parade Announcer.  It's "Rockin' On The River!"   listen 07/29/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn  Donna welcomes Staci Daniels and Sarah Knighton of MAIDEN ASTORIA and Mary De la Salandra of De La Salandra.   listen 07/22/2015
Host: David PaulGuests: Vivianna Matthews, case manager for Clatsop Community Action; Brooke McCurdy, Special Events Coordinator for the Seaside Providence Foundation. It's Five O' Clock Somewhere! listen 07/08/2015
Host: Donna Quinn Guest: Scott Tucker, Lewis and Clark National Historical Park. Donna and Scott discuss summer events at the park. listen 06/24/2015
Host: Donna Quinn. Guest: Robert McClelland, Dir. Talent Search Upward Bound. Donna and Robert discuss upcoming events at Clatsop Community College, including the "Celebration of Service"  June 17. listen 06/17/2015
Host: Donna Quinn Guests: Scandinavian Festival 2015 Royal Court.  listen 06/10/2015
Host: Donna QuinnGuests: Leonore Eckland from the Portland Time Bank; Donna and Leonore discuss the independent film "Time Is Money".  Lexie Hallahan, Dir. of NW Women's Surf Camps   listen 06/03/2015
Host: David PaulGuest: Keith Clark  Astoria Music Festival 2015  listen 05/27/2015
Host: Donna QuinnGuest: Regina Wilkie, Marketing Manager for the Astoria Chamber of Commerce.The Goonies are coming!  listen 05/20/2015
Host: Donna Quinn   Guests: Margaret Frimel; Musicians Sarah McCraken and Summer Osborn perform live in studio and discuss their Left Coast Tour of Epic Mind-Blowing Awesomeness!   listen 05/13/2015
Host: Donna QuinnGuests: Visiting Maori Clay Artists; Richard Rowland, CCC art instructor. Donna and her guests will discuss the upcoming exhibition of Maori Art at Clatsop Community College.  listen 05/06/2015
Host: David PaulThe Assistance League for the Lower Columbia Pacific Golf Ball Drop 2015.   listen 04/29/2015
Host: Donna Quinn Guest: Leslie Morgan from the Lower Columbia Time Bank  listen 04/25/2015
Host:  Donna Quinn Guest: Leslie Morgan from the Lower Columbia Time Bank   listen 04/22/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guest:  Dulcye Taylor, Board President of the Astoria Downtown Historic District Association.  Downtown Astoria happenings plus the annual Jane Barnes Revue (men in tights, and more)   listen 03/18/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guests: Lauren Wilson, Executive Director of Clatsop CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) plus Christine Lolich, Board President.  Helping children navigate the legal system. CASA's 17th Anniversarty Celebration will be held Thursday, March 19th 6 -9pm, at Astoria's Bridgewater Bistro. listen 03/11/2015
Talk of Our Towns/David Paul.  Guest:  .  Clatsop Community College Mathematics Instructor T.J. Lackner.  The free Pi Day celebration March 14th at CCC Patriot Hall Gym. listen 03/05/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guest:  Jon Rahl, Assistant General Manager of the City of Seaside Vistors Bureau and the Seaside Civic and Convention Center.  The success of the room tax, Convention Center use and the evolution of the marketing to include social media. listen 02/25/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guests: Kestrel Gates and Lam Quang, owners of HiiH Lights, ("Hi Hi Lights") offering hand made paper light sculptures, sold from their barn studio.  The grand opening will take place February 21st from 3-7pm. listen 02/18/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guests:  Fisher Poets Gathering founders Jon Broderick and Jay Speakman. listen 02/11/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guests:  Pat Lehman of the American Association of University Women, plus Tambra Thomayer, a graduate of the W.I.N.G.S. program (Women Interested in Going to School).  The program aids students who may not have considered higher education. listen 02/04/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guests:  Street 14 Coffee owner Micha Cameron-Lattek.  This Astoria coffee house used the Community Source Capital funding organization to expand its opertion into a restaurant with a full kitchen.  Street 14 will host an event Monday, February 2nd in Astoria to introduce the funding mechanism to other business owners and the public. listen 01/28/2015
Talk of Our Towns/David Paul   Guests:  Joshua Saranpaa and Barbara Linnett from the Wildlife Center of the North Coast. listen 01/21/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guests:  Viviana Mathews and Tony Degoode from Clatsop Community Action about Clatsop Project Homeless Connect. listen 01/14/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  All about Clatsop Community College's ENCORE program.  Guests: Drew Herzig, Seth Tichenor, Steve Berk and Donna Wright, instructors in the program. listen 01/07/2015
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn  Guests: JoAnn Zahn, VP Finance & Operation at Eastern Oregon University, also an Astoria instructor, Kristen Wilkin, Dean of Workforce, Education and Training, and Stephanie Homer. EOU student.  About Clatsop Community College's affiliation with Easter Oregon University - allowing CCC students to obtain a bachelors degree in business without having to leave the coast. listen 12/31/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn  Guest: Colin Fogerty, Director, and Courtney Yilk, Grants and Outreach Coordinator - of The Confluence Project, involving the art of Maya Lin, in sites across two states. listen 12/24/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guest: Peter Stark, author of Astoria:  John Jacob Astor and Thomas Jefferson's Lost Pacific Empire: A Story of Wealth, Ambition, and Survival listen 12/17/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn  Guests: Astoria City Council member Drew Herzig and retired Clatsop Community College instructor Karin Temple.  The two are among the volunteers making a warming center for Astoria a reality.  Plus Rosemary Baker-Monaghan talks about Sunday's Longbeach Homes Tour, on the Longbeach Peninsula.  The Tour will benefit Astoria's Liberty Theater.   listen 12/10/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn  Guests: Kiwanis Club's Robert McClelland and Dan Arnoth about the Christmas Tree sale on now, plus the Finnish Brotherhood's (and Sisterhood) Leslie Long and Karen VanCleave talk about the Lutefisk Holiday Event, Saturday, Dec 6. listen 12/03/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn  Guests: Katelyn Staecker: licensed Clinical Social Worker and certified Psycho-Dramatist.  About coping with some of the pressures of the holidays and developing the attitude of gratitude. listen 11/26/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn  Guest: Kristi Trimmer: a self described full-time traveler, tech gook, runner, garden lover and beer and wine bloger.  Trimmer describes the traveling life and how an identity crisis led to quitting old habits and crafting a new life. listen 11/19/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn  Guest: Cheryl Johnson and Laurie Caplan, c0-chairs of Columbia Pacific Common Sense. We'll hear about the "Still So Far" LNG Free Columbia River 10 year celebration, to take place Thursday, November 20th.  We'll also hear a brief history of the issue so far, and predictions for the future listen 11/12/2014
Talk of Our Towns/David Paul   Guests:  Robert Brake, of the new Long Beach WA organization: "DoGoodNics", plus Judy Niland and Chuck Meyer with what's new with the Astor Street Opry Company. listen 11/05/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn  Guests: Stacey Brown, Executive Director of United Way Clatsop County; Charlene Larsen, Board President; and Jennifer Holen, 2014 Iron Chef Chair. Iron Chef Goes Coastal, Tuesday, Nov. 4, Seaside Convention Center. listen 10/29/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn  Guest: Colin Fogerty, Director, and Courtney Yilk, Grants and Outreach Coordinator - of The Confluence Project, involving the art of Maya Lin, in sites across two states. listen 10/22/2014
Talk of Our Towns/David Paul   Guest:  Larry Galizio, President Clatsop Community College. Topic: renovations to Patriot Hall and the Nov 4 bond issue. listen 10/15/2014
Talk of Our Towns/David Paul   Guests:  Ron Craig, Astoria Film Festival; Phil Morgan, Astoria Dealth Cafe' listen 10/08/2014
Talk of Our Towns/David Paul   Guests:  Zetty Nemlowill, Astoria Coop Marketing Dir.; Matt Stanley, Gen.Mgr Topic: Recent renovations at the Coop. listen 10/01/2014
Talk of Our Towns/David Paul   Guests:  Astoria Downtown Historic District Association Board President Dulcye Taylor and Executive Director Alana Garner about this weekend's (9/27-28) Pacific Northwest Brew Cup in Astoria. listen 09/24/2014
Talk of Our Towns/David Paul   Guest:  Astoria Armory Marketing Director Robyn Koustik about the upcoming Mayor's Ball honoring Astoria Mayor Willis Van Dusen listen 09/17/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn  Guests: Robert McClelland of CCC; Conference on Extraordinary Living. listen 09/10/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn  Guests: Jeanette Schacher, DPT Home Health and Hospice Mgr; Race to the Bar listen 09/03/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn   Guests: Rosemary Johnson, Astoria City Planner. Donna and Rosemary discuss her long career and future issues  for the city. listen 08/27/2014
Talk of Our Towns/David Paul   Guests: Tiffany Hunt, Madison Hunt, Stacey Aho, Nate Truax; Today's discussion: Knappa Days! August 15,16,17. listen 08/13/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Robyn Koustik, Events Coordinator, and Robert "Jake" Jacob, Board Member for the Astoria Armory. Today's discussion; updates on the renovation of the Astoria Armory and upcoming events. listen 08/06/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Sheila Beverage, Leslie Long and Gino Fellin; Core Committe member of Astoria Dog Park Friends listen 07/23/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Gin Laughery, artist and volunteer ror the Astoria Society of Artists, also Drew Herzig, Astoria City Council member, also volunteer with the Astoria Society of Artists.  About the 2014 Astoria Artists Studio Tour, July 26 and 27.   listen 07/16/2014
Talk of Our Towns/David Paul.   Shively Park clean-up on Sunday, plus the "Tribute to the Columbia River" conference at CCC July 18th and 19th listen 07/09/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Kathleen Morgain.   Guests: Dan Strite, Astoria Rescue Mission volunteer, Walter Trumble, actor portraying Abraham Lincoln and Rory Holbrook, violinist.  Both will perform in the Astoria Rescue Mission Benefit: Lincoln - For The People", Thursday, July 11 at Astoria's Liberty Theater. listen 07/02/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Robin Koustik, Shanghaied Roller Dolls. The Dolls are appearing at the grand reopening of the Astoria Armory Saturday, June 28. listen 06/25/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Billie Tarabochia and the Astoria Midsummer Festival Scandinavian Princesses.  All about the 2014 Festival and events. listen 06/18/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guest: Lexie hallahan, Founder and Director of Northwest Women's Surf Camps and Retreats.  The 10th anniversary of encouraging women to reach past comfort zones. listen 06/11/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Joshua Saranpaa and Barbara Linnett, volunteers at Wildlife Center of the North Coast.  The heartwarming and sometimes heartrending experience of wildlife rescue, and how to become a Center volunteer. listen 06/04/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Robin Risley and Jim Paino of the Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce join Donna to talk about the 50th Annual Sandcastle Contest in Cannon Beach June 21, 11:00am-5:00pm. listen 05/28/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Friends of the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge President Clay Nichols and Outrach Coordinator Bob Duke.  About the Refuge, public access and a new program: Wonder of Willapa", beginning with a night walk Saturday, May 24. listen 05/21/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Astoria Mayor Willis Van Dusen and Angela Cosby, Dir. Astoria Parks and Recreation join Donna to discuss the opening of The Garden Of Surging Waves on Saturday, May 17th at 10:30am. Entertainment from Portland: Lee's Association Dragon and Lion Dance Team. listen 05/14/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guest: Tara Gentile of Astoria's Co-Commericial.  About business and culture in Astoria, also about the free lecture and book-signing by author Peter Stark, coming to the Liberty Theater May 15th.  Stark wrote best-selling Astoria: John Jacob Astor and Thomas Fefferson's Lost Pacific Empire: A Story of Wealth, Ambition and Survival.   listen 05/07/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Kathleen Morgain Guest: Leslie Long, Vice President of Resources and Development for Assistance League: The Columbia Pacific. How the organization aids children in Clatsop and about the "Golf Ball Drop" fundraiser, Saturday, May 10th. listen 04/30/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guest: Wendy Higgins, Cannon Beach City Council member and local organizer of the all-day Leadercast event to take place May 9th at the North Coast Family Fellowship in Seasde. listen 04/23/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests:  Barb Knop, Chair of the Cannon Beach Parks and Recreation Commitee, Barbara Linnett, 12 Days of Earth Day committee member, Janice O'Malley Galizio, Volunteer Coordinator for Astoria Parks and Recreation and Samantha Ferber, Coordinator of Haystack Rock Awareness Program. About the events of 12 Days of Earth Day in Clatsop County. listen 04/16/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guest: listen 04/02/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Astoria City Council member Drew Herzig, Sharon Moore, of Sexual Assault Services at the Harbor, formerly Clatsop County's Women's Resource Center. listen 03/27/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Dulcye Taylor, President of the Astoria Downtown Historic District Association and Alana  Garner, the Association's Executive Director.  About their annual fund-raiser: The Jane Barnes Revue. listen 03/19/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guest: An encore presentation with John Schmidt of the Land Institute of Salina, Kansas. How our soil sustains us. listen 03/15/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn   Guests: Lisa Clement of Astoria restaurant Clemente's.  Clement is running for Clatsop County Commission District 5.  Also Stand Up Stories organizer Cindy Price.  The one-day speakers event will take place Saturday 2pm, at the Astoria Event Center. listen 03/05/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guest: listen 02/26/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Joanne Rideout.   Guest: Katrina Porteous, fisher poet. listen 02/19/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Larry Galizio, President, Clatsop Community College for screening of Inequality for All. listen 02/12/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: from the annual WINGS conference:  Margaret Frimoth, Pat Lehman, Audrey Williams and Janine Dean. listen 02/05/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: David Oser and Gregory Lumbra of Astoria Library Advisory Board. listen 01/29/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Angela Cosby, Astoria Parks and Rec, and Phil Elkins, Parks Maintenance Supervisor. listen 01/22/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Tony Degoede and Viviana Mathews of Clatsop Community Action's Project Homeless Connect. listen 01/15/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guest: Ragan Myers, Long Beach Visitors Bureau. listen 01/08/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  Guest: Katelyn Staecker LCSW: "Letting go of the past, embracing the new, welcoming change. listen 01/01/2014
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   listen 12/25/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   listen 12/18/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Sheri Mitchell and Jay Mitchell discussing the Astoria Column. listen 12/11/2013
Talk of Our Towns/David Paul.   Guests: Guest hosts David Paul with Kiwanis Chapter President Robert McClelland. listen 12/04/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Teresa Retzlaff and Kristin Frost-Albrecht of North Coast Food Web.  About the Grow the Coast Conference, Saturday, November 23rd in Seaside.    listen 11/20/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Miranda Helligso, outreach and enrollment coordinator at Coastal Family Health Center, Judi Mahoney, Cover Oregon outreach and enrollment worker and Linda Dugan - certified Oregon insurance agent.  The latest with the online health insurance marketplace: Cover Oregon. listen 11/13/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guest: Dr. John Schmidt, Development Director of The Land Institute in Salina, Kansas.  Why soil health is vital for sustaining agriculture and human health. listen 11/06/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Master organ repairer Jason Neumamm-Grable and Constance Waisanen from Friends of the PAC (Clatsop Community College Performing Arts Center in Astoria).  About a concert featuring the restored Estey Opus 1429 pipe organ.  Show is truncated due to automated record cut-off. listen 10/30/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guest: Rosemary Baker-Monaghan from Astoria's Liberty Theater.  About the theater's continuing restoration, also: coming events. listen 10/23/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Kathleen Morgain.   Guests: Mary Blake and Doug Barker, co-chairs of SAFE, a political action committee in support of the consolidated Seaside School District new campus bond measure, also Doug Dougherty, Seaside School District Superintendant. listen 10/16/2013
Talk of Our Towns/David Paul.   Guests: Laurie Caplan and Tessa James Scheller on LNG issues in the Lower Columbia region. listen 10/09/2013
Talk of Our Towns/David Paul.   Guest: Mary Davies, president of the local Assistance League of the Columbia Pacific.  About the Home and Chef Tour, taking place in Astoria this weekend.  A benefit for Assistance League Children's programs. listen 10/02/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guest: Clatsop Community College President Larry Galizio talks about the new Sure Start program for students interested in going on for a four year degree. listen 09/25/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.  About Astoria Co-op and Columbia Memorial Hospital's "Farm to Fork" cooking class & dinner with chef Marco Davis, Grace Lehman, Dietician at Columbia Memorial Hospital and Zetty Nemlowill, Marketing Director for Astoria Co-op .  Also on the show: Alana Garner, new Executive Director of the Astoria Downtown Historic District Association, and Dulcye Taylor, President of the organizaiton, about the Pacific Northwest BrewCup and the Oregon Main Street Conference coming in October. listen 09/18/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Jorge Gutierrez, Program Manager of Lower Columbia Hispanic Council, Jim Keryan of Clatsop Community Mediation Services, also Mary Fryling, Community Education Coordinator at Clatsop Community College.  About the Dia De La Independenia Celebration on Sunday, also about mediation of disputes, and the process of becoming a mediator.  A mediation class will be offered this term at Clatsop Community College. listen 09/11/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guest: Caren Black of the Titanic Lifeboat Academy.  About emergency preparedness classes coming to Clatop Community College. listen 09/04/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guest: Columbia Riverkeeper Conservation Director Dan Serres. Current developments with LNG and coal issues in our region. listen 08/25/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Coast Community Radio General Manager Joanne Rideout and Station Engineer Terry Wilson.  About the 30th anniversary of KMUN, station operations and pledge specials.   listen 08/21/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guest: Cyndi Mudge, Event Manager for the Astoria Event Center, also Director of the Astoria Sunday Market.  What's happening with Astoria's small businesses. listen 08/14/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guest: Phillip Simmons, Clatsop County Veterans Services Officer.  Managing the benefits maze and a seminar for vets.   listen 08/07/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Brett Estes, Astoria Community Development Director, Jane Tucker, Astoria Library Director and Ruth Metz, consultant with Ruth Metz Associates.  Citizen involvement and suggestions for the Astoria Public Library renovation.  A public meeting will be held Tuesday, August 6th at Astoria's Liberty Theater.  Doors open at 5pm. listen 07/31/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guest: Jeanine Fairchild of Astoria's Columbian Theater.  The effort to upgrade the theater for showing digital films.  Distribution on film is ending and without the upgrade the theater could go dark.  Also the July 27th Dragalution. listen 07/24/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Kathleen Morgain.   Guest: Cindy Peake ( , Homeownership Specialist with Community Action Teams.  Help for homeowners in Clatsop, Columbia and Tillamook Counties.   listen 07/17/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guest: Angela Cosby, the new Director of Astoria's Parks and Recreation Department.  The first two months on the job. listen 07/10/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guest: Robert "Jake" Jacob of Astoria's Cannery Pier Hotel.  About preservation ideas for Astoria's Armory Building. listen 07/03/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Joe LeBlanc of Basic Rights Oregon, about the "Bites for Rights" event: Thursday, June 20th, at Clementes, T Paul's Supper Club, T Paul's Urban Cafe and Astoria Coffeehouse.  These businesses will donate 25% of their day's sales to Basic Rights Oregon for three programs: Marriage Equality, Trans Justice  and Racial Justice.  Also on the show: Katie Haskin, Market Manger of the Columbia Pacific Farmer's Market in Long Beach, Washington. listen 06/12/2013
Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn.   Guests: Jesse Jones, Coordinator of the North Coast Watershed Association, also Chris Farrar, geologist: volcano and surface water advisor and Randy Bayliss: water quality advisor. About the kickoff event for the North Coast Water Quality Program, Thursday, June 6th 6pm at the Judge Guy Boyington Building in Astoria.  Podcast will be available one hour after the show airs. listen 06/05/2013

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