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To serve the community, Coast Community Radio is putting an emphasis on local news. We hope to bring you in-depth stories that you just can’t find anywhere else.

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Residents from around the region gathered at the Astoria Post Office to hold a "March for Our Lives" rally in support of ending gun violence, as millions marched nationwide. Joanne Rideout reports.   listen 03/24/2018
Here Senator Wyden's town hall meeting, recorded live in the Astoria High School Auditorium. listen 02/05/2018
Coast Guard Personnel and salvage crews are working to stop a seeping oil spill in Astoria. The sources is a century old fuel tank located beneath a crumbling dock that once held a fish cannery. Coast Community Radio's Joanne Rideout reports from Astoria. listen 01/30/2018
The 2018 federal budget includes funding for maritime education to train the next generation of merchant mariners, and Clatsop Community College's MERTS program is among those that will receive a boost. Joanne Rideout reports. listen 01/18/2018
The Astoria Warming Center will be closed for the night on Thursday. That's because not enough people are volunteering to meet fire codes and keep the center open. Joanne Rideout reports. listen 12/14/2017
Each year the Clatsop County Cultural Coalition awards grants around the region, with help from Oregon Foundations. Joanne Rideout reports. listen 12/11/2017
As the Coaster Theatre in Cannon Beach winds up its 45th anniversary, it is bringing back a favorite holiday play. Coast Community Radio Correspondent Nancy McCarthy recalls the history of the theater’s productions of “A Christmas Carol.” listen 12/08/2017
The change of seasons has brought cooler temperatures to the north coast, leaving some homeless residents without a warm place to sleep. With that in mind, the Astoria warming center is seeking volunteers and donations for the center’s fourth season, beginning on November 15. Coast Community Radio correspondent Joan Herman explains. listen 10/18/2017
The city of Manzanita, Oregon, recently banned plastic bags. Joanne Rideout reports.   listen 09/25/2017
The local grassroots organization Indivisible North Coast Oregon held a rally outside the Astoria post office on Saturday, Sept 16, in support of DACA, or deferred action for childhood arrivals. President Donald Trump has said he intends to end the program that protects young people from deportation, after their  parents brought them to the United States without documentation. Coast Community Radio correspondent Joan Herman attended the rally to ask participants why the issue matters to them.   listen 09/21/2017
Coast Community Radio Northwest News: This week the Astoria Planning Commission met to determine the fate of the Astoria Warming Center. Correspondent Joan Herman has more. listen 09/09/2017
Is a business that both cares for and teaches children from infancy on up primarily a daycare or an educational facility? That was the question put before the Astoria City Council Tuesday evening, and how members answered it determined whether they approved plans for a local child development center to relocate to Astoria’s industrial waterfront. Coast community radio correspondent Joan Herman explains. listen 09/09/2017
This week marked the beginning of school for most North Coast students, but in Cannon Beach, it was the beginning of an entirely new school. Nancy McCarthy was at the Canoon Beach Academy when it opened for the first time Tuesday.   listen 09/08/2017
The mission of the Astoria warming center is simple and clear: To prevent unsheltered people from dying of exposure. Yet finding a balance between the center’s purpose and neighborhood concerns has not been so straightforward.. Coast Community Radio Corerspondent Joan Herman reports:     listen 09/01/2017
The Port of Astoria appointed retired USCG officer Robert Stevens to fill a vacant seat. For details listen here: http://coastradio.org/audio/2017/special/Stevens.mp3 Many thanks to correspondent Roger Rocka for this story. listen 08/23/2017
ASTORIA, Ore. – About 100 people gathered outside the Astoria, Oregon, Post Office on Sunday night, for a vigil organized by the activist group Indivisible. The event honored those killed or injured over the weekend in clashes between white supremacist protesters and counter protesters in Virginia. Coast Community Radio's Joanne Rideout was there.     listen 08/14/2017