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Light On Health

Hi everyone.  My name is Dr. Allie Evans and I practice Dr. Allie HeadshotIntegrative Family Medicine in Astoria. It is my belief that in order to bring our bodies into balance, we must honor all the systems of the body and look at health holistically.  We must dig for the true root of illness and not get distracted by simply treating symptoms.

 It is my intention to present you all with casual yet intelligent conversations about diverse topics that affect our individual health and that of our entire community.  In my show “Light on Health” I will strive to empower you all to take forward steps in your own journey towards health. 

Light on Health airs on 4th Tuesdays of the month at 9 AM. 

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Dr Allie Evans talks with Dr Jennifer Lycette, an oncologist at CMH, discussing modern cancer care and how it has evolved. listen 02/28/2017
Occupational therapist, Blair Cocking, joins Allie to talk about hand health. listen 01/24/2017
Libby Silva, local doula and student midwife will talk about her recent trip to Uganda. listen 12/27/2016
Author, dancer, artist and mother of two, Kestrel Gates talks about postpartum care.   listen 11/22/2016
Midwife Dawn Young discusses end of life care. listen 10/25/2016
Dr. Jennifer McCall discusses pediatric health and well-being. listen 09/27/2016
Psychologist Glenn Leichmann talks about managing great emotion, including anxiety and stress.   listen 08/23/2016
The subject this morning is homeopathy. Allie’s guest is homeopath Barbara Munkel. listen 07/26/2016
Health Coach Angela Sidloe.  listen 06/28/2016
Laura Snyder discusses living with cancer and the benefits of yoga and mindfulness.  listen 05/24/2016

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