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Host Michael McCusker discusses the works of author Howard Zinn, and the phenomenon of "Zinnophobia." listen 09/08/2017
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"The America We Lost" listen 02/16/2017
"Lincoln's Emancipation" listen 02/09/2017
"Trump's Shadow" listen 02/02/2017
"Small 'd' Democracy" listen 01/26/2017
"The Coronation of Nero" listen 01/19/2017
"For V. Lott" listen 01/12/2017
"Viet Nam PTSD"   listen 01/05/2017
"Recipes and Resolutions"   listen 12/29/2016
"Come, All Ye Faithful" listen 12/22/2016
"Bill of Rights Day"   listen 12/15/2016
"Days of Infamies" listen 12/08/2016
"World AIDS Day"   listen 12/01/2016
"The New Genocide"   listen 11/24/2016
"Trumped!"   listen 11/17/2016
"Semper Armistice"   listen 11/10/2016
"Vote for Life and Liberty!"   listen 11/03/2016
"Happy Birthday, Mother"   listen 10/27/2016
"The Wreck of the Peter Iredale" listen 10/20/2016
"Bozo Bob's Retreat"   listen 10/13/2016
"Newt Is Here!"   listen 10/06/2016
"Cyber Nazis and Endangered Fishers"   listen 09/29/2016
"The First Freedom" listen 09/22/2016
"We The People"   listen 09/15/2016
"The Worst Day"   listen 09/08/2016
"The Blood and Sweat of Labor"   listen 09/01/2016
"Bridge to Nowhere"   listen 08/25/2016
"I Am Platinum" listen 08/18/2016
"Guns R Us"  listen 08/11/2016
"NagAstoria Mon'Amour"  listen 08/04/2016
"The Transmutation of Billy Bob"    listen 07/28/2016
"Happy Birthday, Astoria Column!" listen 07/21/2016
"Bastille Day"    listen 07/14/2016
"Seventh Day of the Seventh Month"  listen 07/07/2016
"Democracy's Day"  listen 06/30/2016
"Petitions for Prejudice"  listen 06/23/2016
"Howard Hill; Juneteenth"  listen 06/16/2016
"Summer Goldrush" listen 06/09/2016
"My Father's Day"  listen 06/02/2016
"Memorial Day"  listen 05/26/2016
"Sardonicus Rising"  listen 05/19/2016
"Oregon Primary Day"  listen 05/12/2016
"Bruner's Land"    listen 05/05/2016
"May Day"  listen 04/28/2016
"Tales of the CS20"  listen 04/21/2016
"The Tax Wars"  listen 04/14/2016
"Sprays of Spring"  listen 04/07/2016
"Born-again Extinction"  listen 03/31/2016
"Comets Fly Over Me!"   listen 03/24/2016
"Mouth of the Columbia"  listen 03/17/2016
"Mothers of Earth!"  listen 03/11/2016
"The Mother of War"  listen 03/03/2016
"The Price of Fish"   listen 02/25/2016
"Dystopia USA"  listen 02/18/2016
"Lincoln's Emancipation" listen 02/11/2016
"LNG" (This is an encore presentation.)  listen 02/04/2016
"Reinventing Democracy"  listen 01/28/2016
"Militia Madness"  listen 01/21/2016
"Reflections on the War in Viet Nam"  listen 01/14/2016
"Homo Evolvianus"  listen 01/07/2016
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"World Series Cancer"  listen 10/29/2015
"Abused Masses"    listen 10/22/2015
"Great Oregon ShakeOut; A Tribute to Sister Dorothy Day."  listen 10/15/2015
"Hello, Columbus!"  listen 10/08/2015
"LNG"  listen 10/01/2015
"My Heros Have Never Been Cowboys"  listen 09/24/2015
"Kewpie Ziak"  listen 09/17/2015
"What if Disaster Struck?" listen 09/10/2015
"Labor's Labor Lost"  listen 09/03/2015
"Women's Equality Day"  listen 08/27/2015
"August 26: Women's Empowerment Day"  listen 08/27/2015
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"At War in Astoria"  listen 08/13/2015
After Atom  listen 08/06/2015
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