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Hosted by: Tom and Ray Magliozzi
Tom writes:
I was born in East Cambridge, Massachusetts (yes, Our Fair City). I spent
most of my "formative years," as they say, on Harding Street. This was
the greatest neighborhood on the planet. Kids everywhere. Just hangin'
out. Nothing much happened. Just good times. (My wife insists that if I had
had a normal (i.e., abusive) childhood, I wouldn't be plagued with those
continual bouts of raucous laughter.) I went to the Gannett School and
then the Wellington School and then CHLS— Cambridge High and Latin
From then on, it was downhill. I went to MIT— or the "Tute," as we used to
call it. I turned down Harvard, because MIT gave me $200 bucks more for
scholarship money, and that was big bucks back in 1880. I actually
managed to graduate and serve time in the U.S. Army. . . . (It's a long
Read it here. . . .)
Ray writes:
I spent my early years in East Cambridge (Our Fair City). I was the quiet
little brother, and for as long as I can remember Tom was 12 years older
than me. In fact, he still is. Tom and our sister, Lucille, to this day say they
didn't notice me until I was about five years old. Mom claimed one
morning Tom came into the kitchen and said, "Hey, who's this little kid
who's always following me around?"
 Anyway, because my brother went to MIT, I guess it was predetermined
that I would go there too. I had no choice. And while I was there I studied
everything and really learned nothing, and I eventually graduated from
MIT in 1972. I ended up with a degree in humanities and science. MIT is
known for its humanities program. After all, with a name like
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you know they must have a
splendid humanities department.
 After college, I decided I wanted to try teaching. Why? Well, I knew I
could do a better job than most of my teachers had done. So I got a job
teaching science to unsuspecting kids in Bennington, Vermont.
 (But that's another long story, which
you can read here.)


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