Cafe Vaquera:
An Americana-rockabilly free-range audio experience, frequently with in-studio
musicians and guests.

on air: Tuesdays from 9:00-11:00pm, on KMUN and KTCB.

listen online: Tuesdays from 9:00-11:00pm.

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Hosted by: Calamity Jane

Join the Granfalloon.  Read about the musical radio adventures of Calamity Jane at:

Turn off that television Tuesday nights when your old friend Calamity Jane serves
up FREE-RANGE RADIO on Cafe Vaquera.

Ms. Jane cooks up a delicious blend of cowgirl swing, singer/songwriter stuff, old
western twang, jazz, blues, bluegrass, 60's & 70's folk/rock, jug band and New
Orleans GUMBO! From time to time spicy live guests stop by the Café to chat-it-up
and maybe even sing and strum a few tunes.

Café Vaquera’s wall of fame includes such notorious characters as:

Lisa and Her Kin (Formerly Lisa Miller
and the Trailer Park Honeys)
Bluesman Johnnie Ward
Spud Siegel
Kid Siegel
Joey Patenaude
Karl Nordquist
Rachel Browning & John Twist
Toni Land
Jon Strider
Folk Legend Michael Hurley
"Freak Mt. Ramblers" bassist Dave Reisch
McGnarley’s Rant

Personal Station ID's by: Charlie Musselwhite, Sam Bush, Tim O'Brien, Hayseed Dixie,
and more.

"Calamity" Jane gets out on the range and herds in the best of the summer festival
music, bringing it home to y'all.  She does her homework!  Favorites include the
Telluride, Colorado, Bluegrass Festival, Portland's Pickathon, Joshua Tree Music
Festival, Batwater, & Last Chance Barn Dance.

Ms. Jane is a regular performer at
Fisher Poets Gathering, a favorite annual Astoria
event the last weekend of February.  She is currently working on a colorful collection of
essays about growing up in a multi-generation NW fisher-family.  "Growing Up Fishy"
was selected for print in the New Bedford, Massachusetts, "Working Waterfront
Festival" program, where she also performed in October 2008.  Her work can be found
RAIN Magazine, Hipfish, and, of course, online.

She’s been a hairdresser, the world’s worst waitress, a professional theater costume &
set designer, a graphic artist, a cowgirl, a comedian, a junk store junkie, a music
collector, and a caregiver.  She’s been there and done that!  If you’re lucky you might
even get a story or two while you’re sittin’ around
the Ol’
Café Vaquera.

Saddle up the Laz-Y-Boy and see y'all there!

Tune in. Turn on. Drop out.
Happy trailers to you!

Boogieman Clay Cotton
"Spigot’s" David Lipkind
David Crabtree & Dick Weissman
Accordionist Mike Danner (Velvita Underground
& Trashcan Joe)
Denise Drake
HIPFISH’s Dinah Urell
Cindy Pearson AKA LuLu LaFever
Beth Basile of "Crackpots" fame
Ryan Sharp (Cobalt Season)
Crog from Outer Space
Making waves since 1983
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KCPB 90.9fm
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