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Greater Lower Columbia Pacific region

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Coast Community Radio : The Bridge
Host and Producer: KATHLEEN MORGAIN

Kathleen is Coast Community Radio's Morning Edition local
host and producer.   


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The Bridge
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Air Date
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  How to be a volunteer Skywarn Severe
Weather Spotter.  Classes soon in Nehalem, Cannon Beach and the new
online virtual training.  
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Stand Up Stories with Clatsop County
District Attorney Josh Marquis on access to mental health issues and
Greg Delgado, organizer the the Oregon immigrants rights group:
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Oso update, travel tips from Clatsop
Community College.
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Stories: Oso slide update, geologic
hazards mapping, two local tsunamis 50 years ago, and CERT training in
Nehalem, Oregon April 25, 26, 27 and May 4.  
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Stories: Preserving Native American bones
revealed by the Wanapum Dam drawdown, plans for the restoration of
historic salmon runs above Grand Coulee Dam, a doctor shortage in
Oregon's Lane County and hopes for legislation that would put wildfire
fighting federal funding on par with that of other disasters.
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Stories: A new Clatsop County
Commissioner, stabilizing the educational experience for some Tacoma,
Washington homeless kids, new research from OHSU on pollutants.
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Stories:  Homeless help in Astoria,
Oregon and Olympia, Washington.  Living downstream from Wanapum
and Hanford.  Speed speakers in Astoria.
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Stories:  
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Stories: Astoria City Council's Goal Setting
for 2014, more fines on the Flavel properties, Should it be easy for
parents to exclude their kids from immunization vaccinations?
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Stories:  Reorganizing Oregon's DMV
offices for better customer service, immigration legislation in
Washington, continuing problems with Washington State Patrol's trooper
radios and growing biofuels in Oregon.
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Stories:  Oregon US Senator Jeff Merkley
on the Farm Bill, Microsoft gets a new CEO, Citizen concerns about
Astoria's surplus property sales and Oregon legislators consider
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Stories:  New standardized testing meant
to measure critical thinking, how to make basic household repairs with
Clatsop Community College, avoiding Lyme Disease, and Accessorize
with Assistance League - a Super Bowl Sunday event to aid children in
Clatsop County
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Stories:  Astoria's surplus property sales;
Search for new Astoria City Manager; Social Security - what you need to
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  The Market Biz Kids program of the
Astoria Sunday Market - an interview with Cyndi Mudge, Director.  Also
Project Homeless connect of CCA with Tony Degoede and Viviana
Mathews, plus Erin Skaa of Tillamook CARE.
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  guest:  Melanie Drecksell on grants for
Value Added producers
details.  Also Eradicating English Ivy; Spotted
Frog; Ashland Food Project.
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Historic Preservation in Oregon - Heritage
native Oaks in the Willamette Valley, and saving the Neacoxie Creek
Livery Barn in Gearhart.
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  A sales tax for Oregon?  The Winter Brew
Cup, a local chef's syndicate and the Astoria Winter Market.
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  The latest on the Cover Oregon website
woes, and how large corporations have leaned on state legistatures in
Oregon and Washington to get exclusive concessions.  Also on the show,
how the Lincoln County school district uses the ocean as a classroom
integral to the way its students learn, and the Astoria City Council moves
forward with surplus property sales and transfers of some downtown
properties between the city, the Columbia Maritime Museum and a local
non-profit preservation group.
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  The Board of Clatsop County
Commissioners approve transferring juvenile offenders to Cowlitz County
for housing, the Finance Director presented the fiscal first quarter budget
report - the General fund balance should cover 2 months of operating
expenses.  And public comment on a draft ordinance that would ban the
use of bullhooks and whips on animals in shows taking place in the
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  The Astoria 20-year Transportation Plan,
a rocky start for the new procedure for selling surplus city property in
Astoria, and how Russian fishers taught American fishers how to
transport catches to trawlers at sea.     
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  The Great Shake-Out preview with Director
of Tillamook Emergency Management Gordon McCraw, candidates for the
contested election for Position 1 ot the Port of Ilwaco commission and
Robert (Jake) Jacob, owner of Astoria's Cannery Pier Hotel, makes a
case for saving Astoria's Armory building.     
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  De-stigmatizing mental illness, the US
Supreme Court rules a NW couple can take the EPA to court and  - are
the growing number of craft breweries leading to a beer bubble?      
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Clatsop County Commissioners deny the
consolidated land use application from Oregon Pipeline LLC.  Testimony
from attorneys from both sides, a debrief on the Oregon Main Street
Conference from Astoria Downtown Historic District Association Executive
Director Alana Garner, and Maria Brooks visits with Ilwaco Cranberry
farmer Malcolm McFail.
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  The politics of GMO regulation,  and a
retail pirate buys then resells Trader Joe products.  He got sued for the
practice, but prevailed in court.    
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Two previously uninsured Washington
residents sucessfully navigate the new health insurance exchange, also
Clatsop Community College, the Oregon Library Association and KMUN
will produce audio stories about your life and how a library, reading or a
person in the library has impacted you.  The story may be funny, sad,
empowering; expressed in a way that communicates your truth.  To
submit your stories, contact
Candice Watkins, librarian.  Complete
information on the
Clatsop Community College website.
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  The federal government shut down, the
Oregon Legislature's special session, the Oregon Main Street Conference
in Astoria this week, and testing the potency of pot.  
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  How climate change can affect your
investments, an update on Astoria's Armory building, in-state tuition for
undocumented students, the Oregon capitol's 75th anniversary and JFK
in Hanford.  
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Highlights from the Lifeboat
Academy/Clatsop Community College Emergency Preparedness
Workshop, also how game and multi media producers are providing a
bright spot in the Northwest economy.  
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  A shifting job climate in the wake of the
most devestating recession in over a generation.  Aerospace giant
Boeing seeks to move more jobs out of the NW, getting into the
healthcare field is not the slam dunk some predicted, even having your
own business is no guarantee of a steady income.  
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Astoria Community Development Director
Brett Estes on the Astoria Transportation Plan, a return of earmarks to
the Washington State capital budget and a brand new farmers market
starts up just as the gardening season comes to an end.  
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  The Chinese-American experience in
Astoria from Ronald Law, highlights of the Clatsop Commissioners
meeting and Former Sunset Empire Parks and Recreation District
Manager Mary Blake, now co-chair of a committee to support a bond
measure to establish a K-12 school campus for the Seaside School
District.  The campus would be contructed to withstand a magnitude 9
quake, plus be out of the reach of tsunamis.
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  A Seattle experiment in food security with
the establishment of a community arboretum, including tree crops.  Also
on the show, Cow Olympics from the Oregon State Fair, and a song
about Hanford radioactive tank waste.  
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  How a Vancouver, Washington start up
hopes to profit by reducing wastewater treatment costs for rural
communities, also, how a concerned dad became a citizen lobbyist to the
Washington legislature.   
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Urban homesteaders, the effects of
wildfire smoke on fish runs and a Hurricane Katrina refugee finds a new
home in Oregon.  
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Guest:  Board of Clatsop County
Commissioners meeting - Clatsop County Fair report, A land use appeal
and approval for the "Bridges to Breakers" bicyle ride and fundraiser,
also avain botulism in the Klamath Basin and life on the Warm Springs
The Bridge/Kathleen Morgain.  Guest:  Dian Cooper, Executive Director of
Cowlitz Family Health, on staffing rural health clinics,  also on the show:
GMO labeling rules many hurt some businesses, but help others.