Coast Community Radio : : Strategic Plan and Two-Year Goals 2007-09

Over the next two-to-three years the Foundation will develop the tools to best use the small community
network it has built over the previous 23 years. Those tools are to be found in the areas of Fiscal Stewardship,
Organizational Capacity, Community Involvement and Access, Program Content, Facilities and Technology.

The specific goals to be outlined are designed to meet four strategic interests.

1.        To position the Foundation as an essential community resource and a force in community broadcasting.
2.        To foster the next generation of creative community radio leaders, broadcasters and loyal listeners.
3.        To complete essential improvements to Tillicum Foundation operational facilities.
4.        To strengthen financial planning and begin to build an endowment for the future that emphasizes
sustainable funding that will withstand the vagaries of government financing.

FISCAL STEWARDSHIP: Set and achieve sound financial goals that provide for ongoing operations,
entrepreneurial efforts, capital replacement, and new technologies. Achieve a balanced budget with adequate
funding for future needs; maintain above-average achievement in traditional areas of public broadcasting
fundraising; budget appropriately for capital replacement; and maintain a rolling three-year financial forecast for
strategic planning.

ORGANIZATIONAL CAPACITY: Nurture the Foundation’s organization and culture of achieving excellence.
Support a professional staff that is able to achieve our strategic goals and purposes, and recruit committed and
resourceful community members to serve on the Tillicum Foundation Board of Directors, the Guidelines
Committee, the Community Advisory Board and the Tillamook Planning Committee.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT AND ACCESS: Pursue collaborations for broadcast and otherwise with regional
institutions whose missions and activities complement the Foundation's. Seek out and listen to the communities
that make up Coast Community Radio's audience and provide appropriate, timely and consistent information
about our mission, goals, and services.

PROGRAM CONTENT: Maintain and expand capacity to provide excellent programming that entertains,
enriches, informs, inspires and responds to community needs. Continue to strengthen and broaden our
community radio services via broadcast of an eclectic assortment of programs.

FACILITIES & TECHNOLOGY: Maintain and improve the Tillicum House to preserve its value and incorporate
appropriate technological resources as they exist or become available.  Maintain, upgrade and develop
broadcast and IT systems to optimize productivity and ease of operation and to provide consistent, reliable
radio broadcast and webcast services.
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