Diggin' the Dirt & To Your Health
Weekly, half-hour, alternating shows. To Your Health focuses on natural and
holistic approaches to health.  
Diggin' the Dirt covers gardening.

on air: Tuesdays from 9:30-10:00am, on KMUN and KTCB

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Hosted by: Ann Goldeen
Diggin' the Dirt/To Your Health
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Air Date
To Your Health/Ann Goldeen.  Guest:  Certified Nutritionist Tom Malterre on
GMO research
.  An encore presentation.
Diggin' the Dirt/Ann Goldeen.  Guests:  Gail Langellotto, Associate
Professor OSU Department of Agriculture and Thom Trusewicz, w
the Oregon Beekeepers Association.
To Your Health/Ann Goldeen.  Guest:  Mira Dessy, author of "The Pantry
Principle".  What is really in the prepared foods we purchase in the grocery
Diggin' the Dirt/Ann Goldeen.  Guests:  Kris Saulbury, Tongue Point Job
Corps Landscaping Program - a project in Ann's garden.
To Your Health/Ann Goldeen.  Guests:  Thomas O'Brien, D.C. on the
Gluten Summit.
To Your Health/Ann Goldeen.  Guests:  Chris Centeno, MD, on
regeneration with stem cells.
Diggin' the Dirt/Ann Goldeen.  Guests:  Cody Carpenter on lawn care for
good turf.
To Your Health/Ann Goldeen.  Guests:  Judi Mahoney, Steven Blakesley of
Clatsop County, and Miranda Helligso of Coastal Family Health Center
discussing access to new health insurance exchange.
To Your Health/Ann Goldeen.  Guests:  Jen Coleman, Oregon
Environmental Council: keeping toxics out of the home and baby products.
To Your Health/Ann Goldeen.  Guests:  Nancy Magathan, RN, on early
detection of colo-rectal cancer.
Diggin' the Dirt/Ann Goldeen.  Guests:  Roberta Muelberg on composting
and Pam Holen on pet friendly gardens.
Diggin' the Dirt/Ann Goldeen.  Guests: Repeat with Michael Pierce, Astoria
Hemp Works.
Diggin' the Dirt/Ann Goldeen.  Guests: Master Gardeners Jane Donally and
Stacy Hall discussing emergency preparedness.
Diggin' the Dirt/Ann Goldeen.  Guests: Rob and Diane Stockhouse of the
Stockhouse Farm on Puget Island.  Local growing tips and a name change
for the Two Island Farm Market: now the Puget Island Farmers Market.
Now is the time to sign up to be a new vender.   
To Your Health/Ann Goldeen.  Guest:  Nancy Magathan, RN
You can prevent colo-rectal cancer
To Your Health/Ann Goldeen.  Guest:  Dr. Denise Reed, Director of the
North Coast Chorale.  The health benefits of group singing.
Diggin' the Dirt/Ann Goldeen.  Guests: George Exum and Carol Carver
from Island's End Farm on Washington's Puget Island.  End of season
farm and garden prep, harvest ideas and many ways of fermentation.
Diggin' the Dirt/Ann Goldeen.  Guests: Sunset Empire Orchid Society
members Angela Dunton, Monica Aursland and Casey Heckenberg.  All
about orchids, propagation, care and first aid.  
To Your Health/Ann Goldeen.  Guest:  Occupational therapist and hand
specialist Blair Cocking. Care for your hands, including what to do about
carpel tunnel syndrome and hand pain.
Diggin' the Dirt/Ann Goldeen.  Guests: Master Gardeners Joanie
Chapel and Nancy Lenard.  About winterizing your garden, and the best
plants to get in the ground and established now.
To Your Health/Ann Goldeen.  Guest: Naturopathic Physician Tracy Erfling.  
About common sense health tips.  Ann also reviews 3 timely health-related
books.  Also special membership drive premiums.
To Your Health/Ann Goldeen.  Guest: Amy Fauver, public information
officer for
Cover Oregon.  About the coming changes to health care and
how access to insurance will change in Oregon.
Diggin' the Dirt/Ann Goldeen.  Guest: Michael Pierce of Astoria Hemp
Works.  All about growing fibrous hemp - how it differs from the Marijuana
plant, and the importance of hemp in the world economy.
To Your Health/Ann Goldeen.  Guest: Jim Coffee, Chief Executive at
Coastal Family Health, about the coming changes to health care and how
access to insurance will change in Oregon.
To Your Health/Ann Goldeen.  Guests: Yvonne Edwards, Psychologist and
Liz Covey, Family and Child Art Therapist.  About play therapy for children,
adults and familes.
Diggin' the Dirt/Ann Goldeen.  Guest: Pamela Alegria of the Lower
Columbia Preservation Society.  About the 13th annual Garden Tour, June
13th.  About some of the gardens on the tour, including flowers, vegetable
and herb gardens.  
To Your Health/Ann Goldeen.  Guest:  Certified nutritionist Tom Malterre
on the latest in research into GMOs, or genetically modified organisms and
the food supply.
To Your Health/Ann Goldeen.  Guest:  Steven Blakesley, Health Promotion
Specialist and Interim Director of Clatsop County Public Health.  About
smoking cessation, also current projects at the Health Department.

Diggin' the Dirt/Ann Goldeen.  Guest: Master Gardener Teresa Retzlaff on
market farming, also home vegetable, herb and food gardening.  What to
do as summer approaches.  Podcast will be available one hour after the
show airs.