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Tillicum Foundation Board of Directors

Board Meetings

The Board meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at 5:00pm. Meetings usually last about two hours. Time, date and locations of meetings are announced on our website, on the air, and in the Daily Astorian newspaper seven days before a meeting occurs.
Meetings are open to the public except during executive sessions. When held, closed executive sessions generally last about a half hour at the end of the general meeting. To see the latest approved minutes from a board meeting, and to see information regarding closed meetings/sessions, please click on Meeting Minutes.

Board Elections

Directors are elected at the November Annual Membership Meeting and serve two-year terms beginning immediately after the meeting. Officers are elected at the board meeting just after the Annual Meeting and serve in their position for one year. You can reach the entire Board by emailing: board@coastradio.org

Board Directors

President, Richard Dawson
(term expires 11/18)
After moving to the coast, Richard listened to KMUN during and after the Tsunami warning of 2011. He is a classical and Shady Grove programmer and fills in wherever needed. Being on the board gives Richard a chance to make a difference in something he believes. Richard joined the Board in April 2014.

Vice President, David Campiche
(term expires 11/18)
A life long resident of the Long Beach Peninsula, David joined the board in November, 2016. He is an avid chef, cooks a mean chowder, serves a great coffee, and hopes you will join us to spread the fellowship of Coast Community Radio throughout the Pacific Northwest, and beyond.

Secretary, Jack Harris
(term expires 11/17)
Jack has lived on the North Coast of Oregon since 1997 and KMUN played a large role in his decision to buy a house in Astoria. His first programming experience with the station was on Monday night followed by the Late Night Radio program alternate Fridays. With a partner, he started Fort George Brewery and Public House in 2006.

Treasurer, Julia Read
(term expires 11/17)
Julia joined the Board by invitation in 2013, one of four appointed positions available to be filled at the discretion of the Board. Julia brings more than 30 years experience in the accounting field for non-profit and for-profit organizations and is a long-term resident of Oregon and Washington.


Roger Rocka
(term expires 11/18)
A longtime fan and supporter of Coast Community Radio and now the host of The Human Beat the 3rd Monday of each month at 9:30 A.M., Roger has 17 years of television and radio news in his background, owns a dinner-theater in Fresno, California, ran the Astoria-Warrenton Chamber during Astoria’s renaissance, messes with other stuff and hikes all over our beautiful area rain or shine with his dogs.


Richard Hurley
(term expires 11/17)
Richard Hurley was born in Oakland, California, a third-generation Northern Californian. An honors student in high school, he attended the University of California, Berkeley for four years, with a major in English. He moved to Oregon in 1970, settling in Astoria in 1975, where he raised three children. He and wife, Rosetta, continue to live in Astoria. He owned and managed several businesses, including an income tax service, which he sold after 20 years. Richard currently works for a local accounting firm. Richard has served on numerous nonprofit boards over the years and has been for many years on the City of Astoria Budget Committee.

Joan Herman
(term expires 11/18)
Joan came to the North Coast in 1986 to work as a news reporter at The Daily Astorian. She cofounded a small business with her first husband before switching careers to teach English at the community college level. Recently retired and settled back in Astoria, Joan answers the phone twice a week for the station and recently started two programs: Literary Landscapes, a weekly short-fiction show on Sunday evenings, and a public affairs show, Perspectives, airing every other Friday morning.

LinMarie Dicianni
(term expires 11/17)
New to Astoria by way of Chicago and northern Arizona, LinMarie has invested nearly 25 years in public and nonprofit community engagement in inclusive grassroots and start-up human services organizations as well as juvenile court and her alma mater, Northern Arizona University. She brings expertise in special events logistics, grantsmanship, volunteer recruitment, and board leadership and service. She is currently a reception/front desk volunteer, and looks forward to learning from the smart and experienced community radio fans at Tillicum House.

Martha Wharton
(term expires 11/17)

Martha Wharton has called the Pacific Northwest home for more than 30 years, but she still gets identified as a misplaced southerner when she speaks. The hint of what she calls “the Tennessee twang” belies her early broadcast training under the tutelage of Dr. Worth MacDougall at the University of Georgia. MacDougall, a broadcasting pioneer who founded the prestigious Peabody Awards and was instrumental in establishing public broadcasting, refused to allow her access to a microphone on Mondays after she returned from a weekend home to Chattanooga.

As graduation neared she dreamed of a career in small market station management – and was told, “you girls, of course, will be copywriters.” Still, she persisted, working in local radio and television in the south before switching to newspapers after her move to the Chicago area. She eventually sold out and succumbed to a long career in communications consulting and marketing management in Seattle.

She felt the call of the coast in 2000 and bought a 1889 historic home in Seaview, Washington. By 2015, leaving Seaview to return to Seattle on Sunday evenings was too hard – so she made the coast her permanent home. She actually intended to retire, but free-lance work followed her to the beach, as did a myriad of community passions. And then . . . she discovered Coast Community Radio. Her Seaview neighbor, Tillicum Foundation Board Chair Richard Dawson, needed no skills in arm twisting as he talked to her about the contribution of CCR to our region and the needs of the Foundation. She accepted an appointment to the Foundation board in April and will run for a full term election at this year’s annual meeting.

You’ll find Martha on the air, hosting Saturday Morning Classics, every other weekend from 6 to 9 a.m. As she settles in for the broadcast each week, she looks at the board with its blinking red light, cues up the music, adjusts the microphone, and thinks, “There’s no place like home.”

Contact the Tillicum Foundation Board of Directors all at once by using board@coastradio.org.