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Coast Community Radio Community Advisory Board (CAB)

The Coast Community Radio Community Advisory Board (CAB) is a requirement of the grant funding we receive from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). The CAB is charged with taking a broad look at the Tillicum Foundation’s mission, determination of priorities and impact on the communities we serve, and provide feedback and advice to the Board of Directors.

CAB members will be appointed by the Board of Directors to serve one year (renewable) terms and can be selected to provide both geographic and demographic variety. The CAB will gather once or twice a year, or as needed, in sync with the Board of Directors’ annual review of the strategic plan and the beginning of the annual budget planning process.

The Board is currently seeking candidates for appointment to the CAB. We are seeking nominees who are active in their community and who are willing to devote some effort to understanding the Tillicum Foundation‘s mission, resources and limitations.

If you have questions please contact  President Joan Herman, Tillicum Foundation Board of Directors. email: joan@coastradio.org | 503.325.0010

CAB members

Rick Beck
Lynn Farrar
Joyce Hunt
Chuck Meyer
Albert Smith
John Stevenson

Community Advisory Board Agenda – Meeting 10/20/2016


New Friday Public Affairs 9-9:30 AM- host- Joan Herman- Perspectives– interviews about local issues (rotating every other week with Time of Useful Consciousness)

Final Sunday AM line-up

7-8 AM- Chamber Society of Lincoln Center (national show)

8-9 AM- Choral Gems (repeat of show aired Wed. 8AM KCPB)

9-Noon- Sunday Opera

Noon- 1 PM- Gospel Train

New Show reportDead Friday!

TED Radio Hour (replaces Back Story) Saturdays 3 PM KCPB

New Programmers

Barbara Hansel- (former programmer)- Friday Coastal Classics– KCPB

Elizabeth Hayes- Sunday Opera– 1st Sunday of the month

In Training

Retta Christie- (former programmer)- Tuesday PM jazz rotation

Heather Douglas (former programmer)- Women’s Music

Chris Anderson- Nachtmusik

Program Proposals

2 Hour Opera Show- Steve Forester & Brenda Penner

Radio class applications

Amanda Fisher- Reggae, Sat. Night

Franscisco De La Torre- Reggae



Program Proposals-

Somewhere Over the Rainbow– Q Center Radio

Once a month program devoted to the interests of the Q community. Music mixed with short talk and discussion segments.

Willapa Nature Notes – The Friends of the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge- Once a week 2-3 minute program on the natural history of the lower Columbia region.

Health Issues – Naturopathic physician Allie Evans has conversations about health issues with various health and wellness professionals.

-Loving Our Animals– Aza Cody and guests discuss issues of interest to pet owners and animal welfare advocates.

Radio Class Application-

       – Emily Johnson- Contemporary folk music

Review of new programs-

– Writers Mind with Matt Love

– Mad Coast Radio