Coast Community Radio Community Advisory Board (CAB)

The Coast Community Radio Community Advisory Board (CAB) is a requirement of the grant funding we receive from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). The CAB is charged with taking a broad look at the Tillicum Foundation’s mission, determination of priorities and impact on the communities we serve, and provide feedback and advice to the Board of Directors.

CAB members will be appointed by the Board of Directors to serve one year (renewable) terms and can be selected to provide both geographic and demographic variety. The CAB every other month or as needed, in sync with the Board of Directors’ annual review of the strategic plan and the beginning of the annual budget planning process.

The Board is currently seeking candidates for appointment to the CAB. We are seeking nominees who are active in their community and who are willing to devote some effort to understanding the Tillicum Foundation‘s mission, resources and limitations.

If you have questions please contact  President Joan Herman, Tillicum Foundation Board of Directors. email: | 503.325.0010

CAB members   

Rick Beck

Nate Sandel,

Joyce Hunt

Albert Smith

Gabe White

John Stevenson

CAB Meeting 11/15/18

Attendance:   Rick Beck, Joyce Hunt, Gabe White, John Stevenson  Guests: Dylan Hauser-Schalk, Graham Nystrom, Laurie Caplan, Carol Newman

Community Calendar issue

Regarding a INCO submission that was not approved.  Concern was about announcing a political rally, in case that means we have to include all rallies.  Poor timing was involved as rally was put together suddenly.

Discussion of what we would and would not announce.    We will announce republican meetings but not tea party meetings.  Tea party has history of violent intimidation.

What is the standard? Where do we draw the line?

The event should be aligned with our mission statement and the wording should not contain opinions or understandings of the truth that can be considered incendiary to community members who do not share your beliefs.

There is wiggle room, and there are no hard and fast rules  If we allow a rally, do we have to allow a counter rally?

2 threads:

– yes KMUN is happy to announce anything in alignment with mission as long as it is non-inflammatory

-no KMUN will not promote any rallies

There will be gray areas but a policy is not required. With a conversation, we could have sorted this out in seconds.  Carol thinks the Mueller investigation and ballot measures are separate. (Rally concerned Mueller investigation)

Political leanings should be regarded like event prices. (not announced)  Can say more info available at:

Staff member has to say “no” to a CC event submission. The person who’s submission is being rejected must be contacted.

All staff and CAB members are capable of informing decisions around wording of submissions.  If the volunteer writing the announcement has a question or has a doubt, they should ask a staff member.


Community Advisory Board  Meeting-  6/14/2018

NPR Discussion-

Graham talks with CAB about future of NPR and possible alternative programming. No action now but we should consider our recommendation and have something ready to say to the membership by fall.  Elizabeth will research some alternatives and present them at a future meeting.

Program Proposal-

Parenting Show- Dr. Kim submitted a written proposal for a half hour parenting show. CAB fine with idea. Will need to hear an audition.


Emily Geddes- The Mellow–  World music show.  Everyone seems happy with the sound. She will replace Cindy in rotation with elizabeth on Wednesday 1-3 PM. Cindy is running for public office and cannot be on the air.

Eva Kirk-  The Thriller Zone-  Elizabeth will work with her on her delivery. 80s type stuff. Mixed reception. Not as punky as promised. Eliz will also discuss her material selection. Possible Friday late night.

Alex Appel-  Midnight Myth-  Combination of spoken word myth and relevant music. Possibly come on after Bedtime Stories on Sun. Might sound better if he read over the music. Consensus is to go ahead and run it, perhaps changing the name.

Maggie Wall-  Hear the Dance: Music for the Ballet- Possibly alternate Fridays 6-8AM or KCPB. Approved.

John Orr- Straight Talk- Call in show possibly Tues 9AM- we are still having technical problems getting the sound right. The consensus is that call-in radio is an exciting step for the station, that he sounds very professional.  Recommend putting him on the air as soon as the technical problems are solved

Kelli Daffron-Take a Breath replaces Stand Up and Stretch . Needs slight content adjustment.

Lynn Hadley- Local Lore– Interviews and stories with storytellers.  Approved for 4th Mondays at 9:30 AM.


Community Advisory Board Agenda – Meeting 12/14/2017


BBC programming on KCPB ends on Feb. 2nd, 2018

  • Discussion of possible replacement programming
  • 4-6 PM- Monday- Friday
  • 11 PM- 5 AM- Weekdays, 11 PM- 6 AM- Weekends

Radio class applications

Shannon Meeker (former programmer)- Late night variety

Logan Garner- Old Time Radio

 Victoria Kingsbury- Rock mix

Neil Andrews- Sad songs

Joey Altruda- Variety

Stephen Yates- Variety

Jerry Middaugh – Shady Grove

Alex Appel- Late Night Ambient